DIY Chicken Swing For The Brooder

How to make a chick swing.
By Melky · Oct 18, 2018 · ·
  1. Melky
    DIY Chicken Swing For The Brooder

    The first step is to measure your width and height of the brooder. Right this down so you will remember.

    The tools you will need:
    Drill with 7/64 inch bit
    Kitchen twine
    Pencil for marking
    Measuring tape
    Fine grit sanding paper
    16-inch length 1-inch wide wood ¾ inch thick
    Wood the width of your brooder plus an inch or two extra on each side.
    (I used an old piece of strong paneling trim that would not bend with bottom side flat so would not roll that was 42-inches in length for a 2.5’x 3’ brooder)

    First, saw length of wood to 16-inch length and make sure 1-inch wide. Make sure wood has rounded top corners and flat bottom. This provides comfort and matches natural curve of the chick’s foot. Can round off with router top two corners or wood chisel. Mine came this way out of our old wood scrap pile in my husband’s wood carving room/man cave. What a find!

    Next sand top, sides, and bottom with fine grit sanding paper because you do not want a splinter to catch in the bottom of the chick’s foot and cause Bumble foot.

    Now ½ inch from each side drill a hole in center of wood with 7/64 inch bit.

    Thread kitchen twine through each hole with a needle or use turkey lacer to poke through hole. Grab twine at other end and pull through. Once through wood at each end tie in double knot so will not pull through wood. Trim ends at bottom of swing.

    Lastly, cut twine at top end each side to match height of brooder but make about 5-6 inches off the ground. I left extra inch or two of twine for tying. You can always trim off extra. My swing hung 18.5 inches from top bar, which makes it 5.5 inches off ground in a 24-inch high brooder. Tie twine with desired length to each side on next piece of wood that is the width of your brooder but a little longer by an inch or two on each side. Should look like this.


    Now place the top bar with swing attached across your brooder and let your swing go. (You can still place wire netting over top of brooder to prevent flying out of the brooder)
    Voila! You have an inexpensive chicken swing that will last forever. You can use outside tree branches in place of wood if like. Whatever you have around the house is fine. Be creative. Your chicks will love it.

    FYI: For adult chickens you can use a minimum two-inch width and make a new swing when old enough for your coop run. This is a great boredom buster and provides many hours of entertainment and exercise.

    Hope you had fun making your new chick swing! Click video below to see Hedy in action.

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