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  1. DMRippy
    Welcome to my BREEDS Page

    Breeding pen with hatching eggs available: If you see something you want just PM me and I will let you know what is available.

    BBS Copper Marans Pen - Blue Copper Marans with 6+ Blue and Splash Copper Hens.


    Barred Rock Pen - Good Shepard Barred Rock Roo with Blue Barred Pullets and Hens 50/50 Blue and Black Barred Rocks.

    2nd Generation Blue Barred Pullets. I am on 6th generation and the barring on the blues is MUCH improved. I need to get updated pictures.​

    Spring of 2016 - I am reducing this flock of Lavender Ams. I am going to keep a trio of WHITES that my Lavenders produced so Lavenders are still going to show up I am sure.

    Cuckoo and Blue Cuckoo pen - was all but lost to a racoon attack. I have some rebuilding to do but it is going to be hard since my rooster died from infection from the attack.

    RIP - The Roo is HUGH and so are several Pullets.

    Sapphirs - Cross of a CCL roo over White Leghorns. Chicks will be white with black spots. ALL the chicks from the CCL roo are Barred. I also have some Ex/WL crosses so you will get some colored chicks since the pullets only carry one copy of Dom White. They are not sexlinked and they may or may not have a crest.

    Exchequer Leghorn - I do still have blue exchequers they are very PRETTY. Hoping this year will really get them going and can sell eggs finally. I have a pure Exchequer cock over both blue and black exchequer pullets. MIGHT have eggs available May 2016.

    I have gotten some really unique color birds since crossing with the WL.

    White Leghorns - I still have WL just not a breeding pen right now. I am waiting on pullets growing out. Going to work on Rose Comb White Leghorns this year! Those combs are not fairing well in freezing temps.

    I also have Mille Fleur Leghorns, Isabelle Leghorns and Brown Leghorns.

    Silver Penciled Wyadotte Bantams - From Jerry Foley LAYING like CRAZY
    Crested Cream Legbars are Laying but I am still hatching for me right now!
    Silkies - White, BBS, Buff and Porcelain, Paint whites and blacks 2 are show girls. Selling the BBS and White pens. Going to work on the other a bit more.
    Blue and Reg Partridge Rocks
    Silver Penciled I am making projects with them.
    SOLID Blue and Black Plymouth Rocks I have Blue and Black Rocks YEAH!!! been wanting them since i got in chickens! I have a couple of roos I am going to try I don't have a SOLID roo but I have a Silver with one copy of silver and a Single barred blue. Soon to be set up.

    Several other projects ALWAYS working. Lavender Copper Marans are Laying and are being tested now! .

    Current as of March 2016
    BBS Copper Marans Feathered LegsMFLBrown Rose Comb Leghorns
    Blue and Reg Barred Rocks HERITAGE GSBRWhite BreeseWhite Leghorn
    Isabelle LeghornsSolid Blue and BlackPlymouth Rocks
    Crested Cream LegbarsBielefelders
    Lavender Copper Marans (Chicks Only)BBS Plymouth Rocks
    Sapphires (cross of CCL Cockerel x White Leghorns)Silver Penciled Plymouth Rocks
    Lavender Olive Eggers (Crosses of Dark Egg layers x Blue Egg Layers)Blue Partridge Plymouth Rocks
    Silkies and GuineaExchequers (maybe Blue and Black)
    Blue Jubilee/Mottled Egn Orps PROJECT SELLING OUTCrested Cream Legbar
    Jerry Foley's Silver Penciled Wyandotte BantamsExchequer and Blue Exchequer Leghorn

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  1. Chickielady
    Crazy woman !
    Too much going on...I is too old to have so much going on !
    LOL (laughing smiley)
    I wish you were closer...Oh the trouble we could get into !
    hugs !
  2. Mypeeps2013
    Please Pm me when you get the wheaten Ams please been looking for them. Starting my flock from scratch in June.. So, very interested
  3. Free2BMe2798
    Will you have any Black Copper, Splash Copper, or Cuckoo Marans hatching eggs or day-old chicks available for sale in the next month or so? Do you ship them?
  4. chloeloveu
    Hi there, Please email me with response to [email protected]. I am looking for bantam lavender ameraucana eggs to hatch. do you have any or do you know of where I can purchase some? Thank you
  5. BlackPanther
    LOL yeah I had to send you a PM because no answer here when I was looking at them.
  6. DMRippy
    I do not have a German NH Roo so no pure GNH. Why does this not tell me I have posts here to read (head banging smiley)?
  7. BlackPanther
    I saw an add of yours on Craigslist and it said you have German New Hampshire crosses. Do you have any full breeds of these?
    good looking BLRW
  9. DMRippy
    I am sorry, I am not getting updates that there have been posts here..... ALL my birds are LF except the SP Wyandottes. Keep an eye out on the BST section. They are molting so it may be a few more months. I have some orders to fill and I need more pullets to grow out for me LOL. Might be close to summer.
  10. delisha
    Is your SLW and your BLRW LF?
    Can you please let me know when you have eggs for sale if they are LF?
  11. enggass
    Hi, I found some pics...
  12. DMRippy
    Standard.... sorry I didn't see that.
  13. Mary Of Exeter
    Are your amercaucanas standard or bantam?
  14. flitter
    I'm going to be watching for the blue wheatens!

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