Really great info!
I'm fairly new to the world of Chickens so I'm definitely in the stage of wanting to learn as much as possible. And I'm blessed to only work part-time and can go home to enjoy the girls during my lunch hour. Hubby even built a little bench for me to sit inside the coop with them (or move it into the run) and just interact with them. I'm anxious to see how the new chicks are welcomed into the flock once it's time for integration.

Thank you for such a beautiful article!


This article was very interesting and well written. I was always curious about the reasons people get bored of their chickens because I know people who do. This article provides all of the answers.

Thank you mountain peeps!
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Well said!!!
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I love this article and can relate very well! So glad you were brave enough to let ppl know it is ok, and even normal to think ah, blah, must do chicken chores.

Great relate able content and writing. A joy to read.
Where can we purchase your book?
Silly! Nobody who has had chickens has ever accused them of being boring. Cheeky...yes,, yeah, mind taxing....ohhh boy yes! Boring? Nooooo!:)
That was filled with so many great feelings!!! Thank you!
Keeping chickens... there is never a dull moment!
This article is beyond amazing, excellent, and stupendous! Reading this really enlightened me. I could relate to every stage, not knowing chicken keeping even had stages. :idunno
I am very thankful to @mountainpeeps for producing one of the most articulate and well written pieces yet!
And, yes, some days are dull. But come to think of it, it’s not just my chickens. Other aspects of my life are as well.
Great article & very well written.

Edited: Had to add, having chickens is NEVER a dull moment. They are entertaining and love watching the Chicken Program :)
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