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Farm316's Farm

By farm316, Aug 25, 2014 | Updated: Sep 1, 2014 | | |
  1. farm316
    Hey guys, its another day at the Farm!

    Feel free to post below:) Lets get to the
    subject. (We have no males)

    [​IMG]>>>>> This is Sweetie (She crows the loudest, and wants to be the leader)
    [​IMG]>>>>>>Hi I am Sugar! I like you

    [​IMG]>>>>> This is Alma the head of the group (If not taken over by sweetie)

    [​IMG]>>>>> Carmella!

    [​IMG]>>>>> My favorite chocolate
    [​IMG]>>>>> Big top

    [​IMG]>>>>>> Brownie
    Sweetie: Black sex-link
    Sugar: Yellow Comet
    Alma: Unknown
    Carmella: Yellow Comet
    Chocolate: Black sex-link
    Big Top: Polish

    None pf them have had any chicks because we have no rooster,

    Thanks for reading

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  1. farm316
    thanks bean! We like bigTop a lot.. She was from the wild in safety harbor
  2. farm316
    Brownie lays brown eggs only… no blue and brown
  3. BeanHen
    I love Big Top's name! She's so adorable!
  4. yoopersue
    Brownie looks like Ameraucana...at least she looks like my brown one "Nutmeg."
  5. farm316
    I have 7 more chickens that I haven't taking a photo of
  6. country flock
    cute! but dheltzel is right, Big Top isn't a silkie. =)
  7. farm316
    thanks guys!
  8. Mellow1
    Like the names of your beautiful birds! I have sex links in my flock as well, they are sweet, docile birds :)
  9. lightchick
    Beautiful flock! I love Black sex links too!
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