So many girls are now all GROWED up, and their lover boy B.N. who I will eventually post a pic of got together and on Christmas Day 2009 we hatched out some of their beautiful little babies! RIR rooster over White leghorn hens! We originally had 15, all but 1 hatched, and out of the 14 left I accidentally
left 3 get smothered when we were moving them to a warmer location and they died. And then I had three die within the first 24 hours I think mostly because their yolk hadn't completely absorbed when they hatched and they pulled it apart from their shell. Out of the reamining 8, 1 I thought had an eye infecton but I believe now she is just blind as she is now a month old and still doesn't see out of that eye whether I'm treating it or not. I gave three away, and am left with what so far seems to be 1 rooster and 4 girls. They are cute little white things, some of them with large black spots and others just speckled with black and then others with no black at all. I will slowly add pics, but you'll see why I KNOW I have at least one roo (bright red large coomb at 2 and a half weeks!) and some of their pretty coloring. Waiting for them to finish feathering so they can go outside before the HE starts to crow! They are Quiet (DS named him at a day old and of course ironically he's the boy!), Lefty (the one with the bad LEFT eye), Desh (who has a lot of large dark patches like something you'd see on a wall in NYC), Spots...original I know, and I've unofficially been calling the runt Miracle Rasin as she was my first christmas miracle and see's a tiny lil peanut! LOL
Here's Daddy:
one of 5 Mommies:
candeling pic: a Pip
a hatch:
Encouraging siblings:
Quiet at 2 days old:
Lefty's bad eye the first few days of life:
Will post more recent pics soon! They're musch bigger now!!!