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Free Ranging The Chickens

By Terri · Jan 11, 2012 ·
  1. Terri
    We have recently started letting our chickens free range. Here are some pics. chickenfreeranging012.jpg chickenfreeranging015.jpg
    here is Bear just hanging out. Chrystal she so pretty.

    chickenfreeranging014.jpg chickenfreeranging016.jpg
    Chickens pecking the ground. The chickens and coop.
    chickenfreeranging001.jpg chickenfreeranging003.jpg
    Gary feeding the chickens hushpuppies. Hush puppies are good.
    chickenfreeranging006.jpg chickenfreeranging010.jpg
    Pretty chicken.
    chickenfreeranging004.jpg chickenfreeranging002.jpg
    chickenfreeranging009.jpg chickenfreeranging008.jpg
    Bear and Pippa pretty much ignore the chickens. We also let our 14 year old Shadoe
    out with them, after a few reprimands she did too. Thunder (the pit mix) is house bound while chickens are out.

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