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    My Coop

    I live in the city and cannot allow my birds to free range like I would hope, someday I hope to do so! Currently I have 2 Chinese Painted Button Quail because they are small, quiet, perfect for the city, and still fun! They live in a homemade 2 x 4 cage. Inside I put little plastic plant decorations, rocks, and a pan of sand to bathe in.

    This page is dedicated to help inform beginners who are planning to start hatching birds.
    - Please visit my articles listed above! I wrote them after my -
    experience with these birds.
    I hope you find them helpful!
    (Some are unfinished)

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  1. Breezy Optimist
    I saw your Youtube video of Taquito the blind button quail. I can't imagine why people would feel the need to make nasty comments. He was obviously very loved. And would have been picked on by the other birds for being "weak". You did a lovely thing by taking care of him yourself x
  2. N F C
    Looks really nice, good job!

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