Approx. Cost of Construction- $300
Featured in the "Raising Chickens for Dummies" Book
by Rob Ludlow

Hen House Our Hens

e are so excited to have this gorgeous coop for our little girls!
When we finally decided to take the plunge and get some pullets for our family we search high and low and researched coops for several months. The one type that stood out to us was the A frame design. My husband poured over tons and tons of different designs and finally just took the plunge (well with a looming deadline since our chicks had hatched and we needed to hurry and get ready for them.)
As you can see we have a copula on the top of our coop. He is planning on adding a battery powered fan to the copula for added ventilation.
With this design there are so many options. My friend was designing hers at the same time and also went with an A Frame but she used some prefab roof that is soft plastic (like the recycled plastic that the put on playgrounds kind of) roofing material. It is that same wavy shape as the galvanized steel roofs often used in coop designs. She purchased this at Lowes. We on the other hand wanted our roof to open for easy cleaning so used pine board for our roofing.


Click on images for a larger view!
Above is the basic framing that we started with. We used 2x4 framing studs and cut them in half. He angled the top part so that it would attach to the top frame board for a nice A shape. This dictated to us how large our house would end up being. We have found our chicken house and run to be a good size for the 4 ladies we have right now.
As you can see on the picture to the left, he also angled the bottom board for cleaner lines.

To the right here is an interior view of the house. We built a removable roost to make cleaning easier and to make sure they had plenty of head room. Once they are fully grown we are considering putting in more permanent roosts, but we wanted to make sure they could fit comfortably before making the commitment. You can also see the placement of the nest box here as well.


Here is another interior view of the house. The nest box area has not been completed as of yet.