How to (not) name a chicken

I know, I know. It might seem easy naming a pet, but most names are unoriginal.
By 9SpiceyChickens · Nov 3, 2018 · Updated Nov 7, 2018 ·
  1. 9SpiceyChickens
    I know, I know. It might seem easy naming a pet, but most names are unoriginal. There are to girls in my 4h and both their chickens are named 'Fluffins'.

    Names to Avoid

    1. Fluffy, Fluffkins, or anything related to Fluff, including fuzz
    Especially with silkies. Everyone wants to name their chicken that 'cause it's soooo cute! Instead, call your chickie, say Fluff in french, german, dutch, or any language except your original. ex. Pluis (danish)

    2. Names about their color
    Goldie the GLW, Silver the SLW, Chocolate the brown barnyard mix. Instead call them Goldilocks, or go to this website- for more color names!

    Chicken Name Ideas.jpg
    Good Names!

    1. Like school? Have a favorite subject? Name them after someone/thing!
    Learning about ancient mesopotamia? Name your roo Nebuchadnezzar! Are you in band? Name your little cutie Flute, Clarinet, or any other instrument! (LOL! JK name a clarinets chicken Squidward!)

    2. Name your chickie after a trait! If they chirp louder, name them Screech! Got a rescue meat bird? Naturally Chicken Nugget!

    3. Name you chicken after idols! Donald, Daisy, or Chicken Little! Got a Leghorn? Now you got a Foghorn Leghorn!!!

    More later....

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    Nice start ... but if it continues along the same vein, maybe it should be "How NOT to Name a Chicken!" (giggle, giggle!!)
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