Before Egg Role comes ... a really long wait!

This page will be pics of broody mamas and their chicks. Featuring the little pullets that will (someday) lay eggs and then get a spot on the Egg Role, but until then they will be featured here. In any case they are waiting in the wings, so to speak.

Casino's 6/22/2011 hatch - 1/4(ke_ben) 4/4(chickfrmLV) = 5
BCM X CM, BO X RSL, BO X EE (RIR/EE), BO X Frizzle (BO X FrizzleCochin/BlCM)

Sunny's 4/6/2011 hatch - 9/10(ke_ben)

Black, Blue & Splash EE's

EE X White Leghorn's

Marans Mixes: BCM X CM, BCM X Splash Marans, BCM X CM, BCM?

Lizzie's 5/31/2011 hatch - 7/7(ke_ben)

Roulette's 5/31/2011 hatch - 2(chickfrmLV) BO X RSL

Viola's 6/9/2011 adoption - 2(Jones Feed/Privet)