Keeping predators away from our hens

keeping hawks, and other pests away.
  1. Chicken-lovebirdchihuahua
    There are many ways...

    Train a dog to watch them and mammals sure their trained.
    This one helped me the most, but not everyone can have this or want this but if you can get a rooster, they are noisemakers so it scares hawks away and I can't hear mine from inside they also have spurs for protecting his hens.
    This one works almost all the time but make a run for your chickens with netting or hard wire (not chicken wire)
    This one is mainly for hawks but get old CDs and hang them up near the coop or get scare crows Hawks Hate them.
    Thats all I have today, if you like it please give me a like,
    If you didn't please tell me what's wrong
    I worked hard and hope you liked it.
    Thank you for reading this.

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  1. OreoRooster
    It's also good if making a pen to assure that the fence is higher than two meters even with flightless chooks, and that the fence is buried at least 60cm deep this will keep wild animals from digging in
  2. Chicken-lovebirdchihuahua
    Sorry it kinda is a weird format

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