Keeping your chickens and ducks cool in the summer.

  1. Cluckcluck1215
    We all know that are chickens and ducks get very hot during the summer, so here are some tips on keeping are feathered kids cool-and safe ;)

    1.i always like to put a small dish of ice and fruit and seeds in the pen, they love to peck at it-and, it cools them down.

    2.use a fan.might sound a little silly, but they will stand in front of it to cool down.

    3.freeze bottles of water and put them in the pen.

    4.make sure they have plenty of water.

    5.i made my hens a roof like thing and put it in the pen.they love to sit in the shade.

    6.dirt.yes dirt, they can make dust baths in it.the cool earth helps them cool off.

    7.sometimes, but not all the time, they will let you mist them with the hose.

    8.give them baths.with water.sometimes chickens will love it.

    9.put a few bowls of water out.they will stand in it.

    10.and finally, give them blue berries, straw berries or yogurt.


    1.always have a pool with clean, cool water.

    2.frozen treats.

    3.mist them with water,they love it.

    4just like chickens, they like the frozen bottles.

    Well, I hope you like it!

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