My Awesome Cat Pack.

By Cluckcluck1215 · May 22, 2017 · ·
  1. Cluckcluck1215

    This article is for my awesome warrior cat Pack!

    Survival By War Was started.Sarah joined.If I remember, I hardly knew her.I just welcomed her.But then.....I saw her RP.It was like, She had been doing it all her life.So then I started playing with her.And more, then Frost made me use Crowpaw for the Prophecy.I made him more endepth, adding a real history, His mothers murder and fathers death by the dog.And then now, Ashstripe and Hawkclaw and Nettlepaw loosing everything.
    I realized Sarah was almost...Like a sister.
    Whether I'm stuck with a Chick War, When a chicken dies, She is always there for me.
    She has the best OC's ever.
    She loves chickens.
    And reading.
    And writing.
    And role playing.
    Everything I love!

    love you, Sarah! :hugs
    Ashstripe Forever

    Wow, I cant remember how I met this awesomely amazing girl.
    We are always changing each others names, Like ZELDRA, Because of my insanely awesome EUROSPELL.
    Zelda is also a AAWSOOOOOME RPer.I ABSOLUTLY love Palepaw's temper in Survivel By War, And Steel in FOTF and WOW.Or maybe I love her insanely funny stuff in Morning at McDonalds, And Her new Horse, Armira.
    She is all around amazing!
    Love ya, Zelda! :hugs(oo look, I spelt your name right!)
    Palepaw Rules

    @Frost bite88
    Now I can remember how I met THIS amazing girl.
    That really old warriors cats role play!I can't remember what it was called!
    It was so awesome, Though I was a awful role player back then, Especially when my cat, Swanstar made her cat, Ravenpaw into Ravenwish!
    Frost(AKA Willow)Is SOO sweet, awesome RPer, and I adore her cat, Willowstar!
    Love ya, Frost :hugs
    Willowstar Rocks!

    image.jpg image.jpg

    And THIS is my insanely awesome, funny, sweet, kind, awesome Role players, Epic CAT PACK!

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  1. Frost bite88
    I'm in tears, this is so awesome and all I did was stumble upon it while looking for SBW member page and some others for reference for an rp I'm working on.

    Cluck this is incredibly cool and awesome and I wish I'd saw it sooner!!!
  2. Cluckcluck1215
    All of Ashstripe's catnip dreams to the intense moments between Hawkclaw and Crowpaw, or Ashstripe and Nettlepaw.

    And I am so honored to have met you and be your friend, Sarah.

  3. HeavensHens88
    *Insert that crying tears of joy emoji right here that new BYC doesn't let us use* Kyndra....
    *Cannot say more because I'm almost actually crying*
    You're awesome. Epic. Amazing.
    I can't say HOW UTTERLY HONORED I AM TO BE YOUR FRIEND!!!!!! :D :D :D :D All of those intense moments in RPing we've shared to the uncontrollable laughter.... :wee
    I honestly wish I could call you my real-life friend; my sister. :hugs
    Great Sirius, I suck at gratitude. :rolleyes:
    LUV YA, MY WARRIORS BFF!!!!! :hugs

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