More Cookie and Alex!

By Alexandra33 · Feb 2, 2016 · ·
  1. Alexandra33
    Of course, everyone who knows me knows that Alex (Golden Campine) is my quirky little buddy. [​IMG] These days, she's been focusing on growing those pretty golden feathers back after a mini-molt which seemed to "offend" her. Nobody likes to look scraggly, right?
    My little babydoll, Cookie (Sicilian Buttercup), has been whiling away the days dustbathing, foraging, and just plain being cute! She looks set to take a nap in the dirt, I must say.
    Ah, there's the adorable pair together. I've christened them "Cookielex." [​IMG]


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  1. Ballerina Bird
    Such exquisite birds! Love these breeds.
  2. Alexandra33
    Thanks, guys! You are all too kind.

  3. pattyhen
    beautiful chickens
  4. TheChickenQueen
    They are gorgeous! <33
  5. chicken4prez
    Love "Cookielex" :)
  6. Gossie
    Such beautiful birds! I love that picture of Cookie on her back.
  7. N F C
    Beautiful birds and terrific photos!
  8. CherriesBrood
    Great pics.! So adorable!
  9. hashworld
    Great pics of gorgeous pair of hens:)
  10. Alexandra33
    Thank you so much, Bubbles! :)

  11. BantyChooks
    Lovely pictures, Alex!

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