Alexandra33's Best BYC Buddies!

By Alexandra33 · May 4, 2016 · Updated Feb 1, 2017 · ·
  1. Alexandra33
    First off, I couldn't possibly be more grateful for the spectacular friends I've made here on this incredible site. It's been a pleasure to chat with and get to know all of you through a common interest: poultry (notice I didn't say chickens because some of you are more duck, goose kind of people [​IMG]). [​IMG]

    Lily is such a sweet, caring, compassionate person whom I've been chatting with almost since she joined. She's also my favorite "BYC sis." Whenever I or one of my pets has been going through something tough, she's always the first to pray for our situation. It's been so much fun writing back and forth about everything from snakes to Silver Spangled Hamburgs with this amazing girl, and I hope to continue it for a long time to come. The world really could use more Lilys!

    Cherry and I have been buddies for a while now, and I remember that it all started with a simple comment about how much she loved my Sicilian Buttercup, Cookie. Since then, we got chicks at almost the same time and have together watched them grow. She is a resourceful, knowledgable, and incredibly nice friend who is always willing to share what she knows.

    I LOVE chatting with Isabel about anything and everything, but so far the main topic has been us venting about our younger brothers who drive us nuts quite often. But, we still love them! [​IMG] It's been too much fun getting to know her, and she's become a really good buddy of mine who I really enjoy being able to swap stories and pictures with.

    It's been a blast getting to know Emma and playing games on the forum with her! We both share a love of Rosecomb bantams, a.k.a. "Big, Important People,", God, and just enjoying life. Such a sweet, friendly person with a great heart whom it has been a pleasure to call my friend.

    By far my most bubbly, hilarious friend who NEVER fails to make me smile. I can't even begin to describe the extent of the laughs I get out of teasing the living daylights out of her. [​IMG] We're no help to each other when I comes to poultry math, soon-to-be EVERYTHING math because we're always trying to convince the other to get more birds or other kind of animal (as if that's really what we need [​IMG]). We've known each other for quite a while, and I hope that doesn't stop for a long time to come!

    My mom and best BYC friend for obvious reasons! She's always a joy to have on threads that I'm a part of or have started. She's also been an active poster on the Cream Legbar and Isbar threads, where she has gained some buddies of her own. I hope to become more like her the older I get. Thanks for helping me become the person I am today!

    He and I have been talking ever since he asked a question concerning my Mallard drake, and it just took off from there! It's so funny, because he's pretty much a clone of me down to the T. We share so many of the same likes. I've been having a ball talking about so many different things with this awesome guy, who is the first I ever talked to on BYC.

    @Mountain Peeps
    Never was there a more godly, quality, wonderful person on BYC. It has become apparent to me why she's as popular as she is among the users! And, I must add, her photography is so professional and is always a delight to come across. I look forward to getting to know her even better than I already do. [​IMG]

    @N F C
    Although we haven't conversed for a little while, I really have enjoyed talking with her about everything from what we had for breakfast to "Finding Dory," which we're both excited to see. She really is a strong asset to the community on so many fronts, and I think she's just the best. Oh, and I can't forget, she's my "big sis." [​IMG]

    @Sally Sunshine
    Sally is fantastic to know; so friendly, sweet, silly, funny all in one. She makes me smile whenever we chat back and forth on our bulletin boards, making me think all the more that she truly is a ray of sunshine to all on BYC. This wouldn't be the site it is without her!

    I will be adding more as I go, because there are so many wonderful people that I am/will be meeting.

    Lots of love to you all, [​IMG]

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  1. NathanZee
    Thanks Amari! :) It's so nice of you to include me!
  2. austrolover1
    Thanks Amari!!!! You just made my day!!!
  3. Mountain Peeps
    I can't tell you how much this means to me, Amari! Your kind words made my day.
    I've loved getting to know you and I think you're an amazing gal!! Thanks so much for this! *Huggies!*
  4. Alexandra33
    Thank you, Cherry and Sally! You guys are the best! :D *HUGS*
    And that really means a lot to me, @TBirdsTheWord33 . You just made me feel like a million bucks! I love you.
  5. TBirdsTheWord33
    Well, Amari (aka Alex), thank you for your kind words and for including "the mother" on your friends list...what an honor! Truth be told, I hope to become more like YOU the older I get. From the time you were little, you've always shocked me by speaking words of wisdom and faith that should only come from one MANY times your age. Never have I seen a young lady with such an unwavering commitment to honoring God. You are the embodiment of 1 Peter 3:3-4 and the epitome of true beauty...inside AND out. I am SO proud of you!!! I love you!!!
  6. CherriesBrood
    Awww thanks so much amari. Your so sweet and such a special friend! (Hugs)
  7. Sally Sunshine
    dawwwwww Alex yer so sweet!!! I am so glad we met because of Banti Bubbles, (tiny bubbles in the wine) thats me Banti sweets! Love you all, think you are wonderful addition to the site and yer all so helpful and caring! Thank you for thinking of me as a friend!! I think yer sweet Alex! Hugs!!
  8. Alexandra33
    Thanks, guys! *HUGE HUGS*
    Yes, our Bubbies are something else. :p
    I love you, too, sis!
    Uh-oh, so now I'm the receiving end of the torment! XD Welshies are awfully cute, but I think our coop would explode into smitherens if I added even one more bird. :p You need some smooshy Calls to complete that collection of yours......
  9. chicken4prez
    Awwww thanks Amari! I love you so much *hugs*

  10. BantyChooks
    Thanks Alex! Now, are you quite sure you don't TOTALLY NEED welshies? Because I think you do!
  11. ChickenLover200
    Thanks for including me :) our brothers really are a handful aren't they? :p

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