My First Chicken Coop/Run and How I'm Building a Better, Bigger Coop for New Baby Chick Arrival

What I've learned during my 1st year.
By drauntpam · Feb 8, 2019 ·
  1. drauntpam
    I got the chicks before the eggs!

    This will be my second year of raising chicks. I got five 2 week old chicks from TSC last year on a whim - no supplies yet except the pine flake, feeder, waterer, and feed I got the same day. Put them all in a big cardboard box on the porch (one of them died the first night, another the 2nd, both due to being too cold - my inexperience). Next day I got a heat lamp, thermometer, and large plastic tub and moved them inside. Oh, did I mention I also got 4 more chicks? Yep! All of those survived for awhile - I had 3 RIRs that I couldn't tell apart and eventually named them Eunice, Gladys, and Hazel after my Grandma and her 2 sisters. My neighbor's dog ate Eunice about 2 weeks ago! :rant
    My purchases have included 2 Golden Comets (one died the first night, the other was my favorite, "Screech," :loveshe loved to be held and petted, but "disappeared" about 2 weeks before the neighbor's dog ate Eunice), and 2 Cinnamon Queens (one died 2nd night, the other is my next favorite "Cinnamon" who likes being hand fed but not held). I also had 3 Sienna Stars (Queen Cleopatra, Queen Latifah, and Queen Elizabeth) that have all have "disappeared", and 2 white Leghorns (1 more infant death) and "Miss Piggy." When they were about 4 months old I got "Professor Snape," a Black/Lavender Orphington Rooster who is simply magnificent! About a month ago I got "Henny" and "Penny," 8 and 4 month old Buff Orphingtons from HennyPennyInnHatchery ( So far I have purchased a total of 12 chickens and currently have only 7 left.:hmm

    So . . . :weeI just ordered about 40 day old chicks to arrive in 2 shipments about 4 weeks apart from Hoover's. Can't wait to start having more eggs than I know what to do with! :celebrate Now for naming all of them!

    I am in the process of expanding my run. I love my babies! By the time I'm finished I will have about a 1/4 acre run, which will immediately need to be enlarged. Also needing to build a bigger coop and set up a brooder station (now that I know what I really want to incorporate and am expanding into more of an egg production flock). IMG_9398.JPG IMG_9405.JPG

    IMG_9398.JPG IMG_9405.JPG IMG_9398.JPG IMG_9405.JPG IMG_9415.JPG IMG_9425.JPG IMG_9398.JPG IMG_9405.JPG IMG_9415.JPG IMG_9425.JPG IMG_9428.JPG IMG_9430.JPG IMG_9432.JPG IMG_9434.JPG IMG_9435.JPG IMG_9440.JPG IMG_9449.JPG IMG_9458.JPG IMG_9464.JPG IMG_9466.JPG IMG_9473.JPG IMG_9537.JPG IMG_9541.JPG IMG_9545.JPG IMG_9548.JPG IMG_9550.JPG IMG_9559.JPG IMG_9562.JPG View attachment 1667129 IMG_9620.JPG IMG_9629.JPG IMG_9645.JPG IMG_9672.JPG IMG_9676.JPG IMG_9678.JPG IMG_9680.JPG IMG_9682.JPG IMG_9684.JPG IMG_9685.JPG IMG_9688.JPG IMG_9690.JPG IMG_9693.JPG IMG_9695.JPG IMG_9699.JPG IMG_9702.JPG IMG_9708.JPG IMG_9713.JPG fullsizeoutput_3bc2.jpeg IMG_9715.JPG IMG_9717.JPG IMG_9718.JPG IMG_9720.JPG IMG_9723.JPG IMG_9731.JPG fullsizeoutput_3bf4.jpeg fullsizeoutput_3bf1.jpeg fullsizeoutput_3bef.jpeg IMG_9742.JPG IMG_9760.JPG fullsizeoutput_3bde.jpeg IMG_9851.JPG IMG_9877.JPG IMG_9879.JPG IMG_9909.JPG IMG_9911.JPG IMG_9931.JPG IMG_9933.JPG fullsizeoutput_3c14.jpeg fullsizeoutput_3c02.jpeg fullsizeoutput_3c11.jpeg fullsizeoutput_3c06.jpeg fullsizeoutput_3c16.jpeg fullsizeoutput_3c17.jpeg IMG_9998.JPG fullsizeoutput_3c19.jpeg IMG_0018.JPG IMG_0022.JPG IMG_0024.JPG IMG_0025.JPG IMG_0026.JPG IMG_0029.JPG IMG_0032.JPG IMG_0038.JPG IMG_0169.JPG IMG_0177.JPG IMG_0188.JPG IMG_0233.JPG IMG_0541.JPG IMG_0560.JPG IMG_0626.JPG IMG_0628.JPG IMG_0631.JPG IMG_0634.JPG IMG_0636.JPG IMG_0644.JPG IMG_0645.JPG IMG_0649.JPG IMG_9432.JPG IMG_9458.JPG IMG_9458.JPG IMG_9473.JPG IMG_9672.JPG IMG_9684.JPG IMG_0541.JPG

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    I am a multitasker. I have way too much education (BM, MS, Ph.D.) and since moving back to my hometown am only able to use the experience gained from being a junior high band director, psychoneuroimmunology and immunotoxicology researcher, and elementary music specialist.

    I am still a Mary Kay Independent Beauty Consultant (, Gourd Artist (https:/, and most recently Chicken Enthusiast.

    I am always excited:wee to learn new things and am in the process of using the experience gained from this last year as a new chicken Mama to expand my chicken run and designing/building a new bigger coop to accommodate the 39 day old chicks that will be arriving in 2 batches in another 6 weeks or so. Any advice you have for me would be greatly appreciated! Thanks bunches!

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  1. MROO
    "Many Lessons Learned ... the Hard Way!"
    4/5, 4 out of 5, reviewed Feb 9, 2019
    We've all been there at some point ... learning lessons the hard way. Thank you for documenting some of yours. There are lots of really good pictures, but beyond a lesson in Chicken Math, not much text. Some of the pics are intriguing ...(WOW, That's a big snake!) ... so some text on how you dealt with predator prevention would be very helpful. I'll be hopefully watching for some updates, as this has the potential to be a VERY good article! Thanks!


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