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My Lucky Duck~Poem

By The Duck Ladie · Aug 1, 2016 · ·
  1. The Duck Ladie

    I have a ducky,
    She thinks she’s lucky
    Because she has me.
    That’s wrong actually,
    She actually thinks she’s lucky
    Because she gets food from me.
    I have a ducky,
    She thinks she’s lucky,
    And she's always hungry
    That's my ducky named Daffi

    Daffi, who's name is actually daffodil, (Daffi is my nickname for her)
    is my Lilac Ancona girl.

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  1. Fluffers
  2. DuckGirl77
    Nice! That's exactly how a duck thinks lol! You're a great writer! And Daffi is gorgeous, of course!

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