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My Pigeon flock!

  1. NathanZee
    This spring, in April, we got pigeons! We started with four and now have 13. Tomorrow we will have 14, as one will be hatching tonight or in the morning! They are mostly Birmingham Rollers, with a few others.

    This is Marco, one of the two first baby pigeons we raised.

    His father Everest, incubating the next generation!
    This is Cloey, she is a crossbreed baby that we have had to hand raise because her parents were having trouble caring for her. She is super friendly, and will do just about anything to get food! She is just finishing feathering now, so soon she will be gorgeous!
    A older picture of Marco and his sister, Taylor.
    Close up of Marco.
    Marcos brand new wings!
    This is Taylor as a tiny, but rapidly growing baby.
    Everest and Pearl flying.
    Somehow these pictures didn't get in order! This is Cloey, just a few days old.

    And this is Tauriel and Susan, the younger siblings of Marco and Taylor. They are quite a bit larger than this now, almost fully grown.
    Vladimir, our feral pigeon.
    A few members of the flock out foraging.
    With Dory our Buff Orpington duck.
    And Pearl, the mother of the Marco, Taylor, Tauriel, and Susan.
    This is a compilation of videos of the pigeons taking off and landing, in slow motion.

    Thanks for reading this, I hope you enjoy the pictures!

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  1. NathanZee
    @RezChamp , yes they are. Thank you!

    Thank you guys!
  2. GlennLee
    Thanks for sharing! What a great compilation of photos and a video too!
  3. erlibrd
    Cool and very interesting!
  4. Cluckies
    Woot woot, very cool!
  5. RezChamp
    I really enjoyed the video. Are they your birds?
    It reminded me of the Doneks I used to have
    Thank you
  6. scottcaddy
    @becky3909p Google pigeon clubs.
    Hope this will help you.
  7. NathanZee
    Haha, there aren't a lot of us. Wow, that is a lot of pigeons! That would be amazing to see! I've noticed that. :)
  8. RezChamp
    Nice. Someone else with pigeons. Lookers too.
    At one point a few years ago I had 350 birds of 15 different varieties.
    In Homers alone I had 17 strains. It sure is wonderful to see hundreds of birds flying at different altitudes doing their own breed specific thing.
    I feel a brotherly responsibility to inform you that it can be very addicting. [​IMG]
  9. NathanZee
    I'm in Minnesota so I don't think that would work, sorry. You could check craigslist, I'm sure someone in your area would have some for sale. :)
  10. becky3909p
    I am interested in one. I live in Wy and we had 2 feral pigeons move in our barn several years ago. Olive just lost her mate and is alone so looking for some company for her.

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