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By 202roosterlane · Jan 11, 2012 · Updated Sep 19, 2013 · ·
  1. 202roosterlane

    202RoosterLane's Swap and Trade Page
    Updated: 15 September 2013


    Items OWED TO ME from WYGS:

    1. BNEWS - 2 chicken décor plates 23 Apr 2013

    OTHER SWAP THREADS and side trades

    Items I owe to :

    Items owed to me:
    1. Madamwlf - 6 Tolbunt eggs 5 Nov 2012
    2. Crazypetlady - tolbunt roo (sideswap) and 6 tolbunt chicks. May 2012

    Items I am TRADING: PLEASE feel to mix and match movies, etc.

    Some of my items are not $10 in value
    so please free to pick two or three items to equal a fair swap.

    Feel free to PM about side swaps. I love trading goodies. I understand about shipping charges and I want you to feel like you have gotten a great trade too!

    6 month GFM


    Items I am looking for:

    chicken/rooster decor
    anything Harley Davidson
    items size 7-8 Shoe size 1little girl children

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  1. Daloorashens
    Wow, awesome swap page!! I need to follow you, hehe
  2. 202roosterlane
  3. emvickrey
    You can take me off your owe list. I got the box.
  4. 202roosterlane
    Deb, I need to bring you my MF OEGB. She is 12 months old and is laying. I just don't have a boyfriend for her. I need to come visit soon! Thank you Crossgirl. I need to go shopping and find some more goodies for the swap. I try and get a little of everything. I never know what people will like.
  5. crossgirl
    You always have the cutest stuff!
  6. Hot2Pot
    Hey Pauletta, I got a trio of MF OEGB, they are young but I got one egg so far!:) Deb
  7. 202roosterlane
    Thank you! Hope you do some swapping with us.
  8. HodgeLodge

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