The New Chicken Coop
This is how the building looked when delivered. Completely different now. It is 8x12.

Did a little staining/waterproofing. Was already treated lumber, but was too plain for me.

In this photo you can see the concredte work at the base of the tree. It looks like a hole but there is actually fence there.
But where you see mounds of concrete is where we could not get fencing stapled down to a very large root
above ground. So I concreted it. Also I dug a trench around the base of the run and poured concrete.

My husband and son's have done a great job trying to make this run
coon free LOL. The run is 10X18. (for 9 chickens) but hope to have 14.
Then I will have another run on the other side of the building but for SMALL bantams.

Still need one more days work on the ceiling then it off the the chicken house for inside work.

Last piece will be trouble, going around the tree.

Notice my BYC stickers below.......They are so cute!!!!

Going to the same thing on the other side for the smaller chickens.
The inside will be divided into 4 spaces. Trying to prevent fighting and willy nilly breeding with the wrong hen.

This smaller building now has a a frame roof. I need to get new pics.

I have 2 more new houses. One for the Polish and one for the MF D'Uccles..
Fixing to build another large house and run for the RIRs
and a large pen a run but divided into 5 smaller ones to keep the
different colors of silkies separate.