Our Brooder Box
Here it is, our fold up brooder box! I spaced taking pictures while my husband was building it, but I have pictures of it all finished. It has had chicks in it since it was finished so I also can't take pictures of it all folded up. (Squeeeesh!) :gig

He used all materials that we had laying around. (we got alot of stuff laying around) :O)
The brooder box is 7' long 3' wide and almost 3' tall. He used 1x1's for the frame, and old paneling for the walls and floor. He put linoleum on the floor for easy clean ups. The top is totally removable in 2 pieces. He hinged all the walls so they could fold down so we could take it into the basement or put it on the porch. Just fold and go!
After we got chicks into it I found out that is was too tall for me to easily reach the chicks, so he then added a door to the front of the box. The top box either houses a broody or smaller chicks. This box was too big for 14 new chicks so I started them out in the smaller box that sits on top of the big box. now I got my 13 Easter chicks in the big box and my 12 NEW chicks in the small box (until this weekend, then everyone gets a dosey doe)

First of all here is what we had last year....
a cardboard box!

OK OK here it is


with broody box on top!...

With chicks in the "broody" box (and the door)...

and the door opened....

Thanks for looking! Oh and our cost was $0 we had everything! time to make = 2 weeks nights only! YAY! for hubbies who can do this!