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    I'm a stay at home, home schooling mother.

    Hubby and I have two great kids. A 19yr old son and a 9 yr old daughter.

    We have 26 acres on which we grow hay and veggies.

    My family tree grows deep in this area of NW MO. Our family has been
    here since the 1800s - before county or towns were founded.

    I'd like to share with you a glimpse into my life. It may not be much, but I love it!

    DD has chosen the name for our Chicken Operation...introducing


    she did a great job, I love the name!!


    Kaz is partially blind. He can see things very close, I have to pick him up each night to put in coop, he hasn't figured out the ramp yet. I know I should cull him, but he is a sweetie and thriving so I'm putting it off.

    GlamourShot2.jpg BirthdayGirl.jpg

    Honey Bea and Birthday Girl

    bossycameo.jpg My Favorite Pullet ~ Bossy


    Jacob ~ Light Brown Leghorn ~ crowing.


    Chrome the Silver Laced Wyandotte

    Light Brown Leghorns ~ Bella & Jacob

    1954(?) Allis Chalmers WD 45 - partially restored ~ used often on farm


    John Deere B ~ 1947 ~ still used on farm ~ restored years ago, needs some TLC

    some of this springs litter of barn kittens

    view of meadow

    notimpressed.jpg She is not impressed.




    Showgirl at Sunset...

    Thanks for stopping by. Hope you enjoyed it.

    ~ Candice ~

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