My Swap Page:
I will (try to) quickly remove photos as items are claimed.

We have inside pets, a smoker and some of these items have been collected
from sales, auctions or as gifts so I don't know the history.

** Newly Added** Clothing Items
Click Thumbnail for full size image and descriptions. Some of the smaller items, like socks or belt can be combined - most are single selections.

Each item will be laundered before sending, but we do have pets so the stray hair (or three) is highly possible!

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**side swap clothes**

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HP60 BLACK Ink cartridge - It is open, but unused. I bought the wrong size and didn't realize it until after I opened the package.
Purchased at Walmart 1/22/12


Girls Shoes


Coasters blue toddler sandals - 7; Pink Light Up Sandals (lights on heel and strap ends) 2
Old Navy baby sandals 18-24MO.; Xhilaration white dress Sz 13 these were worn often;
NEW George black dress shoes sz 13; hand painted by me Minnie Mouse canvas sz 10W;
Keds leather Charm shoes like new sz 12.5; Hanes Sport cheer shoes (have 2 pair - sz 11.5 & 12.5)
Adidas Cleats sz. 12.5; leopard clogs - gone

close up of some

288.jpg 380.jpg

Purple Little Mermaid leather boots (Disney brand) I think these are a 2 -
Pink Barbie Winter boots (missing one fuzzy ball on ties) size 2
White Skechers Lights (light up when walking) Size 3
Pink Skechers canvas boots (love these!) zip up side - Size 3
Black Skechers skate shoes (worn once, maybe - like new) size 3
Skechers Twinkle Toes pink glitter size 3

Wilton 3D Teddy Pan - looks like used once at most - I bought at garage sale and never used. small dent on back of head. Appears to be missing a couple pieces but I bet could make work as is.
Link to instructions and photos for this pan HERE

I have some more pans - anyone interested?

Never opened, but stored a couple years Window Kit.


7 football theme treat bags and ties -
New Bath & Body Works Foaming Hand Soap (Berry Twinkle scent)


Wizard of Oz collector glass

14K infant heart earrings (posts are short to fit baby/toddler)
pet nail clippers - cheaper variety but works fine
earphone for cellphone - jack seems to fit most phones.

Wooden Rooster

Dog Tag - Sloppy Kisser can be engraved on back

Tupperware Rice Steamer ~ good for Veggies too. used but great shape.


Vingate Tin - Mrs. Lelands Butter Bits copy right 1958 on bottom. Plastic lid. Has cute images of women and children. More pics if you want to see other sides (sorry camera acted weird and some are blurry)


Grade School Curriculum Workbook & Computer Games
(entire collection counts as 1 selection)

Workbook ~ 453 pages of complete curriculum for 1st grade (2 pages are used)
CD-Rom Animated Story Book ~ Winnie the Pooh - Windows 95
Grolier's Cornerstone Home English and Math Programs 3-4 grades - Windows 95
(newer operating systems should play these - you might need to tweek compatibility mode)


Raising Pigs Successfully
by Kathy & Bob Kellogg
Like new condition - I did read some of it, but even spine looks new/unbroken.


Decorative Fall Balls
they are made of sticks? and all wound together in a ball with fall colored, sugared berries and leaves - really cute but dust gatherer the colors are more muted than photo. Small one is approx size of softball with larger one half again as large. I think these came from Coldwater Creek - my sis worked there and gave me these.

Sewing Books ~ Chose 3. All should be listed at Amazon if you want a preview or review on them.

reminder for myself -

I owe -
InnerBatikWolf - side swap logo
BHep - Double H boots
Anderson - 1 doz hatching eggs

Owed to me -
Attack Chicken sign - ColdUpNorth
Twilight books - farmerchef
Cesar Milan videos - RHRanch