This is an article about and dedicated to each of my best friends here on BYC. Y'all are amazing.

I met Leyla when I first joined BYC. She was one of the members who first welcomed me. She and I then started chatting on the public messages in our profiles. We found out that each of us had added new chicks to our flocks that year. We shared our different tips on introducing. Later on, when one of my pullets got sick, we started PMing. We haven’t stopped since! Now we talk about everything. She is just like a long lost friend to me!. She is a very talented writer on BYC and I love sharing articles with her. She is now a moderator for BYC as well, which is great! It's been so great seeing how we've both advanced on BYC over the years.
I feel so free to talk to her whenever I want. She has really made an impact on my life and is such a blessing to me. When I think about amazing BYC members, Leyla comes to mind immediately.

Americano Blue
I first saw Americano Blue post in the game and joke area. I noticed in her signature that her dog, Griz, had just died. I PM’d her and said how sorry I was for her. She wrote back and from then on, our friendship blossomed. Now she and I are great friends and even call each other sister. We love to talk about our dogs and life in general. Who knew that a single sentence of sympathy could make such a wonderful friendship begin?

I can’t quite remember how MyPetNugget and I first met but I remember we became friends right away. We used to chat on each other’s public messages nearly every day. Through PMs, we connected more than ever! She is such an encouraging and supportive friend. She is bursting with kindness and so joyful. She has recently left BYC for reasons unknown. I miss her terribly but she will forever hold a special place in my heart!

I welcomed Bella when she first joined. We then left messages on our public boards every week. She is a very nice girl! We now PM occasionally and share new things going on in our lives. As I like to say, she's one of my best rant buddies. It's nice to have a person who will listen to anything I have to say and offer advice and encouragement. She is an encouraging and cheerful friend whom I count myself very lucky to have in my life!

Silkie cuddles is an amazing girl! She is SO kind, encouraging and sweet. All she wants to do is include people and make them feel appreciated. She stands by me and makes me feel like she truly cares about our friendship. Like Bella, she's a wonderful rant friend and never fails to make me feel as though she's got my back. She is a wonderful person and I'm so glad we have met through BYC.

Cluckcluckgirl PM’d me once and said she would love to talk about chickens and share all sorts of chicken stories. So, that’s exactly what we did! Now we still PM (often about many things besides chickens), talk on our boards and leave comments on each other’s articles. She is very fun to talk to and is one of my very close friends here on BYC.

Isabella is one of the sweetest peeps I know here on BYC. She always brings a smile to my face and never ceases to make me feel loved. I've only been chatting with her for the past couple weeks, but, hey, there's no time limit to know you've made a good friend, right?! I look froward to getting to know her even more and I am blessed to have her as one of my BYC buddies.

I welcomed Dan to BYC in November of 2014. I remember PMing him because I wanted to say how much I loved his two dogs in his avatar. Then he joined my chat thread and now we are very good friends. We PM very often and occasionally write on each other’s public message boards. He is very caring and encouraging to me and I am blessed to have met him.

Many of the threads in the BYC game area I posted on, I remember seeing a member named ChickyChickens. I loved his avatar! But we didn’t really talk much until he joined my chat thread. Now, even though he is rarely on BYC, we stay in touch.

Brent and I often talk on our public message boards and sometimes PMs. We love a lot of the same singers and bands so chatting is lots of fun. He is a great friend and has a lovely flock of chickens! I'm very glad to have met him.

Yorkshire Coop
Kim is a very friendly member who always includes and is kind to others. She and I met on our public message boards. I remember mentioning how much I liked her polish chickens. She now reads every article I write and refers people to them, which makes me very happy! She is so much fun to talk to and I'm glad to call her my friend.

Although I haven’t talked to her in a very long time, Arkansas55 was, and still is, a great friend to me! She always left the sweetest comments in ovations and always went overboard with the hug icons!

Nicky is a sweet, friendly and, all around, wonderful friend on BYC. I've gotten to know her on several different threads along with chatting with her on our public message boards. She always is kind to me and never ceases to make me smile.

Sally Sunshine
Sally is a wonderful friend whom I've enjoyed getting to know through our public messages on our boards and also some different threads. She's very sweet and encouraging. BYC is definitely lucky to have her as a member. She makes people feel loved, appreciated and included and is beautiful, both inside and out.

This gal is super sweet and super fun. Her pictures that she shares are fabulous and she has a lovely flock. I like chatting with her and, even though I haven't known her long, I really am enjoying getting to know her more. She's just so kind and sweet!!

Zoe and I met when I posted on her public messages how much I loved her avatar and profile picture. Then I found out she rescued battery hens, which I loved even more! After a few months of chatting on our boards, she came to me and asked if I wanted to help her edit pictures in a fall and winter editing thread. Through that, we became great friends and now talk occasionally.

Michael Oshay
I remember often seeing Michael in the New Members section. But, it wasn’t until I gave him an ovation on some info he gave, that we started talking. He PM’d me to thank me for the ovation and now we talk occasionally. He is very kind and caring and believes many of the same things my family and I do.

Sumi has been a great friend to talk to also! She has put articles of mine in the Learning Center and always is willing to offer a helping hand. I love the threads that she creates and she always leaves the sweetest comments on things of mine as well as others'. We talk regularly through PM. She's a wonderful gal!

Cynthia and I have gotten to know each other on a thread, "Quotes and Thoughts for the Day." She is very sweet, caring and understanding. I've grown very fond of her and think she is a wonderful person. I'm glad to call her my friend.

Destiny is such a sweet gal. I've known her for a while and we occasionally talk on our public message boards. Her pictures that she shares are very pretty and I love how we share similar views on our faith. I enjoy talking to her and getting to know her better. BYC sure is lucky to have her as one of its members.

Peep Peep Peep
She and I PM a lot and she is always very kind to me. She is a great friend and I'm so glad I have met her! (She always has the best profile pictures too.)

She and I first met on my chat thread. Then we started PMing a bit. A enjoy the articles she writes and she always leaves a nice comment on mine, as well. She has a lovely flock and is quite knowledgeable about chickens. I enjoy talking to her and sharing pictures and articles!

We met on my chat thread a while back and he is a good friend of mine. He is funny, kind and great to chat with. We often talk on my chat thread, public messages and PMs.

Throughout many threads and public messages, Debby and I have come to be great friends. I really enjoy chatting with her and getting to know her better. She's a sweet gal and always makes me smile.

Getting to know Lily has been a lot of fun. She is very kind and sweet. I really enjoy chatting with and getting to know her more and more. I also love all the names she has given her flock.

She also has not been online for a very long time and I miss her. She was a very friendly, kind and loving gal. I loved chatting with her and she always said a kind word to me.

ChickenGirl and I have always talked on our public message boards. She is very nice and always makes me smile! I love sharing pictures of our flocks. She also is one of the few members who never ceases to ask about how my chicken book is coming alone.

Beaky Buzzard
Beaky and I have become good friends on my chat thread. I enjoy talking to her about many different things. She's a lovely girl who is very fun hang out with.

Elysia and I have grown closer over the past month. She's a sweet member whom I enjoy talking about life with. She's also a lovely girl who always brings a smile to my face.

He is very fun to talk to. He mostly hangs out in the game area and I talk with him pretty frequently. I enjoy the threads he starts and his avatars are very cool.

We've gotten to know Frindizzle ever since I joined. We chat here and there. She is an all-around sweet and loving gal. She's just so easy to get along with! I admire her willingness to include people and make them feel like they have a friend in her.

Little Brownie
Beth and I have known each other for a quite a while. I really enjoy talking to her about different things. She's an encouraging, uplifting and beautiful friend. Her flock is also very lovely. I'm grateful for her friendship and happy to have met her.

While I haven't known Abbey for very long, I can see clearly her genuine and caring heart for others. I enjoy talking to her and think she's an awesome gal. I look forward to getting to know her better in the future.

Flock Master64
Jake is great to talk to. He has a beautiful flock, additionally. We met on my chat thread and now talk there as well in PMs and on our public boards. I enjoy our conversations about faith and other things. I'm excited to see how God continues to bless him and teach him things.

Ducclelover10, Poult, Taming Master, Little Brownie, Silver Bantam, AppleButter14, Book Em Danno25
These six gals have been great to get to know! I enjoy chatting with them on our boards, my chat thread and the occasional PM.

Thank you all for being such wonderful, unique, caring and amazing friends to me!! And thank you to Nifty-Chicken, for making such a wonderful website where I can meet such wonderful people!


-Mountain Peeps aka Sarah