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The Chickens of RoostersAreAwesome

  1. RoostersAreAwesome
    The Rooster Flock-

    Name: Griffin
    Age: Between 2-3 years (I'll find his exact age later)
    Gender: Rooster
    Breed: Faverolle mix
    Family: Olive (sister or half-sister(?))
    Griffin was one of my first rescues. I got him from someone who simply didn't want their chickens anymore.
    Griffin has never been the friendliest rooster, in fact, there was a time when he acted very aggressive towards people! Thankfully, he doesn't act aggressive anymore, but he's still very skittish. Despite this, I think Griffin is an amazing rooster. For one, when he was with the hens he was very good to them, and very protective. Unfortunately, he was just a little bit too rough on their backs due to his slightly larger size, so I moved him to the rooster flock. He's done very well there, he never bullies the other roosters and even breaks up fights.

    Name: Finny
    Age: He was hatched on May 22nd, 2016
    Gender: Rooster
    Breed: Finny's mother was a Japanese bantam crossed with an OEGB/bantam leghorn. His father was a Japanese bantam.
    Finny was hatched out along with a few other chicks, one of them being Huckleberry. Finny and Huckleberry were best friends, always preening each other, roosting together, and free ranging together. Finny must have been devastated when Huckleberry died.
    After his brother died, Finny became a bit less skittish towards people and now lets me catch him easily. He is so docile that he even tolerates being held and pet by toddlers.

    Name: Domino
    Age: About a year
    Gender: Rooster
    Breed: Dominique
    Domino is from someone who didn't want him because he was a bully to their other birds.
    Domino is very stubbornly aggressive towards humans. Though I can handle it, I still wish he just wasn't so inclined to hate shoes. He also hates wind, rain, dogs, and plates. Did I mention that he despises humans?

    Name: Lupin
    Age: Hatched in April, 2017
    Gender: Rooster
    Breed: Barred cochin
    Lupin was going to be eaten by his previous owner, so I offered to take him while he was still young. Lupin became lonely, so I got him an OEGB friend and named him Chipmunk. Those two were best friends, until a predator killed poor little Chipmunk.
    Ever since then, Lupin has seemed to be a bit more wary around me, and as a result is harder to catch. But, when I do catch him, he makes a great lap rooster. I am fairly certain that Lupin's mother was a pillow.

    Name: Horus
    Age: About 7 months
    Gender: Cockerel
    Breed: Marans mix, possibly with wyandotte
    I got Horus from a free rooster ad on craigslist.
    Horus absolutely does not approved of being caught, though he tolerates being stroked and will stretch out on you and sunbathe like the king that he is. He is very fluffy, and likes to hang out with Lupin and Domino. He also has a curiously high-pitched voice for such a large chicken.

    Name: Chester
    Age: 5-6 months(?)
    Gender: Cockerel
    Breed: Gamefowl mix, possibly with orpington(?)
    Chester was abandoned in a parking lot, so I crept up to him and grabbed him. His brother was too skittish for me to catch, and when I returned the next day the poor guy was gone.
    After Chester got over his initial fear of humans, he quickly became a very friendly and outgoing rooster. I decided right away to name him after my late hen, Chesta, who died of unknown causes. Chester follows me everywhere, even sometimes trying to follow me into the house. He is also very intelligent, and I was able to easily teach him to fly onto my arm on command.

    The Mixed Flock-

    Name: Olive
    Age: Between 2-3 years
    Gender: Hen
    Breed: Faverolle mix
    Family: Griffin (brother or half-brother(?))
    I got Olive from the same place that I got Griffin. I couldn't keep them together, though, because Griffin is too big for my hens.
    Olive is curious, mischievous, and loud. She loves to complain, even if there is nothing for her to complain about. She also enjoys to hide her nest sites from me and hang out on the porch, which the chickens are banned from.

    Name: Ares
    Age: About 1 year
    Gender: Cockerel
    Breed: Old english game bantam
    Ares was from someone who couldn't keep rooster where they live.
    Ares was named for his permanently angry expression. Though he isn't overly aggressive, he does peck my fingers from time to time (which doesn't hurt) to remind me that he is the ruler of all creatures. He believes himself to be the biggest, fiercest rooster in the world. His hobbies include crowing and flying.

    Name: Popcorn
    Age: About 4 months
    Gender: Pullet
    Breed: Mottled serama/mille fleur d'uccle
    Family: Peanut, Cheeto (siblings)
    I got Popcorn from an ad off craigslist, along with Cheeto and Peanut.
    Popcorn is currently a bit flighty, but I think I will be able to tame her in time. She is very fast and great at flying.

    Name: Cheeto
    Age: About four months
    Gender: Cockerel
    Breed: Mottled serama/mille fleur d'uccle
    Family: Popcorn, Peanut (siblings)
    Cheeto was from an ad on craigslist, along with Popcorn and Peanut.
    Cheeto is very protective of Popcorn and Peanut, and it's pretty funny to watch him try to be a big rooster. Surprisingly, when I introduced Cheeto, Popcorn, and Peanut to Ares and Olive, Cheeto became top rooster over Ares after a few short skirmishes. I am sure that this wounds Ares's pride to be defeated by a mere cockerel.

    Name: Peanut
    Age: About 4 months
    Gender: Cockerel
    Breed: Mottled serama/mille fleur d'uccle
    Family: Cheeto, Popcorn (siblings)
    I got Peanut from the same ad as Popcorn and Cheeto.
    Peanut is pretty hilarious to watch, and seems to be the most friendly out of the three serama/d'uccles. He is also the smallest. Unfortunately, he has a small split in his breastbone which means I won't be breeding him.

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Recent User Reviews

    "Love Rooster Flocks!"
    5/5, 5 out of 5, reviewed Sep 22, 2018 at 7:02 AM
    It's nice to see an example of a successful rooster flock. Handsome boys.
    MysticChickens04 likes this.
  2. N F C
    "Beautiful Boys!"
    5/5, 5 out of 5, reviewed Sep 18, 2018 at 9:22 AM
  3. MROO
    "Rooster Eye Candy for ALL!"
    5/5, 5 out of 5, reviewed Sep 13, 2018
    What beautiful birds - and the photography is great, as well. Here is solid proof that bachelor flocks do indeed work!


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  1. MysticChickens04
    Amazing flock! I hope when Im older I'll be able to have more then 5 roosters like you xD
      RoostersAreAwesome likes this.
    Good to see the new additions!
  3. N F C
    Your photos are great! I hope you entered some of your pictures in the 2019 calendar contest because I wouldn't mind seeing at least one of your guys in it!
    1. RoostersAreAwesome
      By the time I saw the submission thread, it was already closed to new entries. :(

      MysticChickens04 and N F C like this.
    2. N F C
      Too bad about that. Keep a watch for the next time, your pictures and handsome guys would fit in nicely!
    Who are the ones in your avatar?
      MysticChickens04 likes this.
    1. RoostersAreAwesome
      My serama/d'uccles, Popcorn and Peanut.

      I should probably update this article...

      *edit* updated!!!
    Finny reminds me of BlackJack because of his shape, but I think Lupin is the cutest.
      MysticChickens04 likes this.
  6. feather16
    What a lovely and fun flock(s) you have! Those boys sure are beautiful.
  7. N F C
    Beautiful boys! Thanks for sharing them with all of us :D
  8. SilkiesInSuburb
    Very cute roosters! It's nice to see someone who likes the boys. (Don't tell anyone, but they're probably my favorite ones.)
    1. RoostersAreAwesome
      The roosters are my favorite too! :) How many have you got?
      MysticChickens04 likes this.
    2. SilkiesInSuburb
      I had three silly silkie boys... but all of them passed away. I still miss them so much!
      MysticChickens04 likes this.
  9. FrankieDoodle
    Cool! Can't wait until it is finished! :D
      MysticChickens04 likes this.
    1. RoostersAreAwesome
    2. FrankieDoodle
      Nice! I love your chickens, they're so cute!

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