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The Dogs

  1. HarlansHollowFarms
    This is Sammy, he is our oldest. He is 10y/o and his pedegree is Mutt.
    This is Sage, he is 9y/o and, if you couldn't tell is a Chow Chow. RIP 06-12-2009
    Meet Abby (front) she is our 4y/o NSDR Australian Shepherd and her daughter Gyspy, our 2y/o NSDR Australian Shepherd
    This is Roscoe, he is a 2y/o NSDR Australian Shepherd.
    Meet Harlan's Grizzly of Coronado AKC/ASCA Australian Shepherd. He is our baby aussie at just 1y/o.

    This is my newest addition, Yoda, pedegree Mutt at 1y/o. He was a rescue puppy.
    Also pictured is my wonderful husband Mike.

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