The naturally good rooster

Great article! Enjoyed the read !
Thank you for such great information! Since we hatched all our flock, we have an “abundance” of roosters. We are watching to see which one(s) we want to keep. This article will help immensely in that process! Thanks!
:goodpost:You did a great job! Thank you so much but for the information! I've definitely learned I need to stop holding my roosters so much!
A well written, knowledgeable article on rooster behavior. I have tried to keep roosters in the past, but they crow all day and it makes me crazy! I will reassess the situation, since I have a Buff Orpington cock that I want to keep. He is only 6 weeks old, so no bad behaviors yet, lol.
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Cool to find a fellow zookeeper on here! Enjoyed your insights!
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I really enjoyed this. I am sure naturally good production roos are hard to come by. I had 3. One was a tyrant. Would never want babies from him. One became more that way watching the first. The 3rd I kept. Only shy of 5 months but is really showing the good qualities I expect from what I have learned.

This article is well put together and clarifies roo behavior, especially for a beginner like me. Glad I took the time to read it!
Makes you really take things into their perspective. Thanks for the great article and information.
I am always interested in learning to read the behavior and actions of my chickens...both hens and roosters. This gives great insight to the traits to look for in a well mannered rooster (and hen), especially as we move forward to breeding this upcoming year. Thanks for the great info!
Far too many persons seem to injoy a hostile Cock so they can be violent in return.
Wonderful photos and thorough explanation of what makes a naturally good rooster. I love that you discussed the importance of selecting for temperament, something that I think is often overlooked. The disadvantages of imprinting are often overlooked as well. Thank you!
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I thoroughly enjoyed reading this article.
well written with clear explanations,
About the best on roosters I've read on BYC.
One point well made and very rarely mentioned; full out physical aggression is not in the interests of the rooster.
One point that could be made in this article; domesticated does not mean tame.
Excellent job. You're going on my follow list in case you manage to break out a rash of rationality and reason here.:D
the cluck juggler
the cluck juggler
After your posted your brilliant rooster-article, there's really no point in random ramblings like mine here. Haha!

On your point of domestication vs tameness, Making the animal more docile and compliant is a part of the domestication process, as a calm animal is more easily handled than one that's cautious and afraid. To what degree this part of the domestication has been prioritized depends on what the species is meant to be used as. Dogs for example, are bred to be companions to humans, whereas chickens are bred for food purposes. It's only in recent years that they're considered to be pets. Therefore, chickens aren't domesticated to be tame, per definition. In any case, tameness even for animals bred to be friendly, like dogs, involves them having to spend time with humans. A puppy that grows up to never see a human, won't automatically become a house pet when it sees one.
Natural rooster behavior doesn't require human interaction. (In fact, the way some people treat roosters by chasing them, throwing them off hens and trying to "dominate" them, many of them would be better off without...)
Very educational, I learned a thing or two. Also, nice use of examples from other sources and examples of other animals.
This article is a good read for anyone considering adding a rooster to their flock. No sensationalism. No over=sentimentality. No immediate "Off With His Head!" Nicely done!
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Very nice written and with explanatory pictures in the right place. I learned something new today, thank you very much.
A nice write up of what to expect from having a cockeral.
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