This is Licorice, my Black Star hen who I obtained by trading one of my Americuana pullets for from another BYC comrade. He was so generous and gave me two for one. This one and another one, a Wheaton Americauna who should start laying hopefully around the end of August. Licorice is laying one a day right now. In fact, I came home from work tonight, checked for eggs, none. So I had turned them out, and at one point could not see Licorice any where. Well, she was in her nestbox. Wow, I thought she was going to lay an egg for me right there. Well, she did not. Later I went to check up on them after they had went in to roost and found her back in the nestbox. I left her there and went an did other things. I went out later and she was still in the nest, so I reached in underneath her and sure enough she had laid an egg . Good going Licorice!