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    My goat just had her baby.....Now what

    So my pygmy had her baby at 8:30 yesterday morning i put um in a kidding pen with food and water but i have never done anything like this before so like what do i do now? like when does the baby get her first shots? when do i let them out of the kidding pen to the field? also how old are they...
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    Parrot questions (Picture)

    That is not a sun it is for sure a jenday conure i have 2 of them and a sun
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    Anyone with lovebird parrots or quaker parrots

    Well i have been thinking and i decided as of right now quaker is out of the list and now i really want a cockatiel any info on them ? also if you guys reccommend any other breeds let me know i just cant afford a huge parrot and don't like little birds like parokeets
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    Anyone with lovebird parrots or quaker parrots

    So I have had parakeets off and on for years now and i decided i want to get a bigger bird (parrot like) so i'm having a hard time deciding between lovebird and quaker parrot anyone have any of these ? could you give me some info? which has a worse bite? and also pics. Thanks. BTW i have a...
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    they shot my dog,my heart is broken(Sorry. long rant,

    I am so so sorry for your loss especially a yorkie :...(
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    New Goat owner questions

    Hi there, Congratz on getting goats you will love them If i was you i would leave it dirt since their poop is pellets it won't need much cleaning up but hay just makes a mess and blocks would be bad in case they had diarrea. For food i use the black feed tray things that TSC sells and for...
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    Little Piggy

    HOLY COW i don't know much about pigs but that thing is huge
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    Goat getting home sick?

    Well if it had a friend it would not of been annoying and trust me if you can't handle an animal like that for just a few days you won't have a horse very long you are in for a rude awakening i had to spend well into the thousands a year to care for just one if you did your homework and you...
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    Help!!! Sheep RAMMING people !!!

    Great idea if you train him and get him off the shocker he will eventually warm back up to you and if he starts it again i would shock him again lol i did the same thing
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    Let's see them goats

    Post pics of your goats and herds, any breed, any age, also post pics of your setups, pens, pastures, Whatever
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    Can I Still Band Him Being So "Big"

    So i have a pygmy herd of 5 (3 does 1 buck and 1 wether) my buck was listed pygmy in the paper so i went to pick him up and the woman had like 3 in a very small nasty muddy dog pen so i took him to save him (he was like 4 days old at the time i bottle fed him) he is the nicest little feller ever...
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    ???* Good Selling Price for Togg Does*???

    Oh i'm sorry i did not see where you said registered i say $250 for both as well
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    Tomorrow's going to be tough

    I say you keep her
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    ???* Good Selling Price for Togg Does*???

    Quote: for both, a goat that is not registered is not worth 150 to me
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