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    Bell’s Palsey in Dogs

    You may want to try feeding him upright in a chair sort of setup and having him stay like that for a period of time after eating to help the food move down the esophagus into the stomach. Look up chairs for megaesophagus and that should give you some idea of what I mean! It does take a bit of...
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    I need quick answers please!

    How is your cat doing since Monday? With all of those symptoms you describe, I would highly recommend a vet visit if she is not improving. The oozing bump on her belly is concerning to me because if it is something like a mammary mass, that can be very serious in cats.
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    Parasites in Pets - Contains Graphic Pictures and Videos

    One of the more common tapeworms in dogs and cats are spread through fleas. It's unusual to see that many segments though! Usually you just see small crawling "bits". I remember hearing a story in school about a parasitologist that infected herself with tape worms and while teaching, segments...
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    Parasites in Pets - Contains Graphic Pictures and Videos

    That made even ME a bit queasy. Blech!
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    Annoying dog yapping

    Is there a window near the couch that she could be looking out of and barking? That would be my first guess. Try closing any windows that she could look out of and see if it helps. My next suggestion would be to try crate training to prevent the barking. Or try gating the bedroom door (or...
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    AZ Gardeners

    Hey guys! I have a quick question. I went to the store and bought some plants the other day. One of them is a rosemary. I planted it in a pot and stuck it outside where it gets morning sun but shade during the hottest parts of the day. I thought I heard it is ok to keep rosemary outside but I...
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    Ivomec for heartworms in dogs

    Another thing I just thought of for you to look into is called care credit. You can apply ahead of time online to see if you qualify but it is basically a low interest credit card for medical care.
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    Ivermectin for DOGS for Heartworms?

    Hey there guys, I sent a private response but unfortunately I am not that helpful through the computer without actually seeing the dog! If the dog tested positive for heart worm, I agree that at home treatment is just not going to work. Some of the issues involve the fact that treatments may...
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    Your thoughts on Temperature....

    I'm finding that comfortable temperatures are really dependent on the amount of humidity in the air. I just moved to Arizona from New Jersey and it was hot here the past week. Temps were often 110-115 F. However, at home my mom said it was 86 F and unbearable because of the humidity. 115 was hot...
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    Help is my goat pregnant this young?

    You can also try different types of hay or even dried leaves (research what is toxic to make sure you are giving SAFE leaves). Goats are strange creatures. Some only want nice green leafy hay and others want brown, dried horrible looking stuff. We even had goats at the hospital that would only...
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    Arizona Chickens

    Not a bad view for morning coffee!
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    Arizona Chickens

    I finally made it to Arizona! Just drove through Tucson and we'll be arriving in Phoenix in about two hours. After all this driving, I will be happy to stay in one place for a while!
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    fleas everywhere on my dog

    Remember that topical flea and tick preventatives and things like the seresto collar work best when the dog does not swim or come in contact with water (like from baths). If your dog is an outdoor dog, then you may consider something oral like Nexgard or Bravecto. These are not dependent on coat...
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    Need Help,

    Gita mostly said all the advice I would give someone looking to get a ferret. Ferrets are a lot of fun and it's really nice of you to help your friend! I had a ferret growing up and he was a sweetie. We got him from a pet store. I was much younger then and I took him everywhere with me. He had...
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    fleas everywhere on my dog

    Fleas are tricky. Treating the environment is a good start and I'm glad your dog is on flea prevention. However, dogs can have pretty bad allergic reactions to fleas and the worse reactions tend to happen with very small numbers of fleas. If you are visibly seeing lots of fleas, then it would...
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