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  1. Chookhappys Chicken Coop

    Chookhappys Chicken Coop

    Hello and welcome to our happy hens page! (last updated: 01.15.2010) UPDATE!! 1/23/2010 We got 3 week old chicks today! 8 EE's, two RIR, and two BR's!! They're sooo cute! We got our pullets on October 10th 2009 at 11 weeks old. They are two Barred Rocks, two Easter Eggers, one Black Sex Link...
  2. The Real Coop Starts

    The Real Coop Starts

    To build or to buy... (This page is currently under construction) So as I mentioned on the other page I started building my "coop" but when we got the chooks we understood their needs way better and had realized we have a very strong run now... We got a rabbit hutch my bro had been using for a...
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    Baby quail brooder near baby chicken brooder

    Good evening everyone. I was curious if it would be ok to have fresh out of the bator chickens in a brooder very close if not right up against the brooder for month old bobwhite quail? The quail did not start on medicated starter, all seem to be doin great. The chickens will be started on...
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    Bay Area BYCers!

    Thanks everyone for the replies about fertile eggs! Sorry I couldnt get back on to update but we did end up finding a couple dozen eggs on cl. Should be some olive eggers with marans and welsummers. Should be sweet! I can see we are going to be looking for eggs often. Hatching is a blast! xD
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    The Welsummer Thread!!!!

    Quote: I'm east of Sacramento, but I only have 1 girl laying right now. If you just want a few, I could set you up with some. I have olive egger hatching eggs as well. Thank you very much for the offer, I really appreciate it! As it turns out we found a lady real close with some olive...
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    Bay Area BYCers!

    Ok cool thanks. If that ends up not workin out would you be willing to sell some for local pickup?
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    Bay Area BYCers!

    Wow how cute all these pics have been! Glad to hear its been smooth sailing for the most part for everyone. I was curious if anyone by chance has fertile eggs available that I could pick up in the next day or so. We all of a sudden have a broody welsummer pullet and I would love to get her...
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    The Welsummer Thread!!!!

    Hey yall, lookin like i have a broody welsummer. I live in sf bay and im lookin for some local welsummer eggs to hatch. ive been checkin cl bjut no luck. Anyone around here have welsummers by chance?
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    Bay Area BYCers!

    Hey all I was curious if anyone around the bay has any fertile welsummer eggs that I could stick under our unfertile broody welsummer? You see, just about the day we ordered a 1588 a hen went broody. Now that the incubator is freed up from the quail eggs it came with we now have yet, another...
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    Turkeys and Chickens together...

    I've kept turkeys together with chickens with no problem. They sleep with some of the younger chickens in a tall pen. We haven't let them range free with the chickens though. Too concerned thanksgiving dinner will fly away!
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    My broody fed her chicks worms today

    Lol yea it really is funny watching mama show her babies around and teach them what chickens do in a day. I can't get over how fast they are to get after bugs an such. Our chickies are a week old come tommorrow and little savages! edited for spelling.
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    does anyone vaccinate the chicks they hatch?

    Quote: x2 It might be too late to vaccinate for mareks but you can still vaccinate for newcastles. The vaccine is commonly administered in the water they drink.
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    12 Crele Penedesenca

    Heya. I won't be able to bid on this dozen but I will want some in the near future. Do you plan on auctioning off more or could I get on a list preferably? Bad timing I'm afraid but I have a real intrest in working with this breed. 1588 is on order atm and my current broody just finished...
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    Please remind me again that Mama knows best????

    Yea that's too funny. I came on to search about the same thing. The hen doesn't seem to want to sit much anymore for the chicks. Four of them have at least a day under their belt but one hatched this morning and she seems cold.
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    Got sand? You should!

    It does help to have a dividing wall between the two ages for a couple weeks before putting them together if possible. This gives them a chance to get aquainted a bit before being put together. We have done that in the past for the new generations and turkeys as well and it works pretty well...
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