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    Ducks quacking at night

    The poison will not be inside with the ducks. I trapped over 60 rats last summer, poison is the only option. The drakes aren't the problem. I have 4 drakes and 13 ducks and only the ducks are quacking...actually lately the ducks are the ones fighting.
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    Ducks quacking at night do you shut them up??? The last two nights we've been up every hour because they are all quacking...some light chatter then some huge loud quacks...of course we get up and check and nothing is there. It has to stop The ONLY thing I can think of is that the rats are around...
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    Duckling making odd noises and breathing funny

    I think 70 degrees is way too cold for you know how old they are?
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    Loud Broody Fighting Ducks

    I have 17 ducks all different kinds, 4 drakes in the flock and they are getting on my last nerves. They are up at the crack of dawn quacking their heads off for no reason, the broody crested runs around like an insane women and attacks all the other ducks which then nearly creates an all out...
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    Aggressive Runners Usual?

    You'll need to get more ducks or separate the males until the are settled. I had to separate my Male Runner from my Blue Swede as the runner would do all he could to chase down the swede and chew on his neck. It was bad but not unexpected. I ended up separating the pen and kept the two...
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    I need help NOW!!!!!!!

    Do you see feathers? How far along is the egg.....seems like it will be a goner either way....better luck next time.
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    Fertilized duck eggs disappearing

    Do you have a sneaky dog? Mine goes in and steals the eggs right out from under them. It could be anything but probably something small or else I'd assume they'd rather eat the duck. I wouldn't lock her up either. If she wants to sit she will....maybe tighten up the security around the...
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    Cayuga ducks

    What do you need help with? Are the ducks or ducklings?
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    Swede Duck has gone Cuckoo!

    I dunno....first summer with adult ducks...still trying to figure it out.
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    Swede Duck has gone Cuckoo!

    Thanks for the reply.... Those were my thoughts at first, however...she doesn't sit on her nest at all. She built one, and pretty much leaves it and wanders around with all the others. My W.H. drake pokes at her, but doesn't try to breed with her. It's almost like he's annoyed at her...
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    Swede Duck has gone Cuckoo!

    What is wrong with her. She acts like she had a brain injury....or am I just missing something? See video.
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    Fighting Drakes...Questions

    Hi All, My Indian Runner male is completely obsessed with attacking my Blue Swede drake to the point where all he does is v-line straight to him to fight. I expected some fighting but it seems a little over the top.... I have them separated in their pen and at night but I want to let them...
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    Ordering from eFowl?

    I ordered my ducks from Meyers about a year ago. All are healthy and strong birds. I got a variety (runners, cayugas, swedes, and Welshes). Will be ordering more form them in a few weeks.
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    possibilites for my Cayuga's to no be laying?

    All my ducks, including Cayugas, stopped laying since Thanksgiving...I got a few eggs this past week I'm assuming because the days are getting longer...Likely just the season.
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