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  1. Available Birds

    Available Birds

    Here are the Pullets I currently have available: March 26th hatch – 2 pullets One Orpington Roo over EE hens and one Orpington Roo over Cochin hen Orpee Orpchin - this pullet is laying and is very noisy April 28th hatch – 1 pullets. One Orpington Roo over Cochin hen...
  2. Horsefeatherz Nvs Page

    Horsefeatherz Nvs Page

    This page is a work in progress, proceed with caution! My Large Fowl My main Roo Versace – he is a Splash Orpington Roo, hatched 4/22/08 from Greg Marlett’s line. I did not hatch him, a BYC member was rehoming him and some other chickens and I was very lucky to get him. He is incredibly...
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    A Couple Of My Large Orpingtons

    YUMMY What a stunning saddle he has.
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    Mille Cochin Info

    Quote: I have not yet decided who to pair him with - I still have some pullets growing out. He just might have to wait till this fall or next spring when I have some MF/Mottled crossed pullets.........but we shall see. LOL - his name - he was a horrible bitter when he was younger. A bite...
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    I am so excited for Darby and you. I know you are wanting to make cheese and stuff.............are you pulling the babies and bottle feeding them full time OR just pulling them at night to milk in the morning. Ah is an experience and Darby will be tiny teated -...
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    Bringing Brandie home.... - Updated Photos! Post #23

    I honestly do not know who I am most happy or Brandie. Enjoy each day you are with her, even treasure the bad days...............for some day, like me, you will be left with her memories.
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    definitely a rooster has yellow balls inside after slaughter-NOT eggs

    Quote: I see two livers , two hearts and what indeed does look like eggs that are in the process of developing. There is no kidney or gizzard pictured. How many birds where butchered that day? Personally I do not put the giblets back into the bird. I either use them right away or...
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    Poor kids..............have not even made it to the 23rd and already 28 officers gone. So, so sad.
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    Mille Cochin Info

    Quote: I love the pic of him crowing! His chest chevrons are nice. I have some guys with his color I want to work on type by breeding with some Black Mottles but I bet that will mess up color for a few generations. Thanks, I was lucky - he placed himself on that bucket and it was just the...
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    Video: Reba Squat-Walks ~Update ~ RIP, Beautiful Reba

    SpeckledHen, that article was incredibly informative. I am going to save it in my favs so I can quick reference it for others asking questions. Reba was a very lucky girl, not only did she have an informed, proactive owner; Reba passes on a legacy of education which will help other chicken...
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    Dog eating chicken poop

    I have not found any. They - the dogs - seem to enjoy it most when I am outside. The dogs can be out all day long with the chickens and seem to ignore poop. The moment I step outside, it like a bet between the Corso and Border Collie to see who can scarf down more. I try not to watch.
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    Quote: Me either I don't even decorate the house
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    Jon Bon Jovi dead at 49 *** FALSE ALARM: FAKE NEWS STORY***

    Quote: Have to love a man with a sense of humor! phew, thank goodness it was a false alarm.
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    Need gift ideas for wife...

    I must say, a nice pair of boots or slip on shoes - that keep the feet warm and from getting wet - are always a wonderful gift. (sorels are wonderful) A warm carhart jacket (one of my fav gifts) A couple pairs of nice gloves - maybe a leather pair and then a water/wind proof pair. If it...
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