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    Need worming advice for tiny flock

    Thanks for the advice! I'll hear back from the vet today on the worm situation.
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    Need worming advice for tiny flock

    Posting under "Managing Your Flock", even though my "flock" consists of only 2 lovely ladies. My question is about worms and dewormer. I suspect they have worms because they seem to be thinner than they were, but it's hard to tell be cause they seem to be in a constant state of molting! They...
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    Please Help An Idiot Out [My chicken run is a D.I.S.A.S.T.E.R (and my husband hates it)]

    Aww, it doesn't look that bad! I assume your chickens are only in the run during the day, so as long as it's sturdy enough to keep them in, it doesn't have to keep predators out. As far as looks go, perhaps if you can level out the section to the right of the gate, and make the gate match up...
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    Warning! Do not use cocoa hulls!

    Aside from the danger to the chickens and ducks, they're putting several dogs at risk - including their own! This is an open, country property, with 3 rental houses, so no fencing around the yard. Fortunately, the landlord is the mother of the 3rd tenant, and is livid that her "grand-puppy" is...
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    Warning! Do not use cocoa hulls!

    To Ignatz: It was definitely the cocoa hulls. The cocoa hulls were visible in the ducks' feces, which were very bloody. The 2 roosters that always hang out with the ducks are now sick. My "meaningless blanket statement" was actually more of an attention getting subject line, but is backed up...
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    Warning! Do not use cocoa hulls!

    Sad story: My daughter's neighbors used cocoa hull mulch in their landscaping. My daughter's ducks strayed over there, and apparently helped themselves. Now, after suffering tremors and seizures, they are ALL dead. 13 of them, that she'd raised from babies, and knew by name. PLEASE spread...
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    Anyone in Southwest New Hampshire want some free hens?

    I've PM'd you both with her phone number. Good luck!
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    Anyone in Southwest New Hampshire want some free hens?

    I think so. I will check (it's a friend-of-a-friend) and PM you with her phone number if she still has them. Thanks!
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    Anyone in Southwest New Hampshire want some free hens?

    ALL ads must be in Buy Sell Trade only.
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    What treat did your chickies get today?

    Mine have been eating Maple tree "helicopters", especially now that they've started sprouting. Much easier than trying to peck the seed out. I have piles of them under the trees - when I see them start to sprout, I toss in a double handful. I love giving them things that would otherwise be...
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    Our 4 day coop/run building marathon (Warning: Pic Heavy)

    Wow! Very nice! I like that you included people-furniture in your plan - that's important!
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    Can you get into your run?

    Part of my run is under the raised coop, and is just high enough for me to get into, stooped over and sit on my little seat to visit. The "door" is the whole end panel on hinges, about 3' x 3', framed in, with hardware cloth. The back part of the run, though, I have to "duck-walk" around in. I...
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    Egg with no shell, no membrane

    One of my two hens laid an egg yesterday with no shell and no membrane. I'm pretty sure it was Darla, who just got over being broody for a month. Is this normal? I get shell-less eggs from time to time, but never had one without a membrane.
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    Lighting for the Coop with no Electricity.

    I know you're not "supposed to" do this, but I had a heavy-duty extension cord buried a few inches under ground for years, and it was fine. (Until I chopped through it with my shovel while digging a hole to plant something - oops!) Just make sure it's plugged into a GFCI outlet.
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    Please Post Your Pics Of Landscaping Around Your Coop.

    What a beautiful yard, suebee! I like the way the coop becomes part of the landscaping. Which came first?
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