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  • Hi! Thanks! That's the view from a hike I took, it's from a rock :)
    I love your avvy! :)
    haha, you too! XD
    Hey! I've seen you too. :) Glad you are introducing yourself - finallyl! :p

    Haha, he seems to do that to a lot of people! Some get used to it...a lot don't. lol

    His name is Ollie, and he was my pet burrowing owl. Sadly, last week he passed due to unknown causes. Some friends gave him to me when they found him with an injured wing when he was a juvenile.

    That's really cool! What type of owl did you have? I think you're the only person other than me that had an owl, lol! Was yours tame?
    Thanks! No I didn't draw it. My best friend painted it for me. It's of my Buff Brahma Annika ( aka my favorite)

    Thanks again! :) That's my Amber-Link Jelly Bean.
    Its fine! You're welcome! I also love your new profile picture! Thanks, I actually took those :D
    I am doing great! How are you?
    Hey! Glad I could brighten your day!
    Oh, thanks!
    Yeah, I actually just got the rabbits recently. I've raised rabbits before but focused more on poultry and now I'm getting back into the rabbits. I'm planning on selling enough to cover feed costs and eating the rest!
    Sorry my response is rather ... umm ... late.
    I'm so sorry to hear about the lost birds and the goat! That must have been awful. :'( And I hope your shoulder is ok! After reading that, I don't feel so bad about my little problems - a chicken healing from a nasty scratch in the house and a duck with a broken toe. It's funny how that can put things in perspective.
    How are the eggs - r are they hatched by now ... ?
    I don't have anything in the bator, but I am supposed to get a few ducklin's this spring if it all works out. Not to say I currently have the room ..... but hey I should build a new coop anyways!
    I've been a little busy. The flock and I are great - but they're really looking forward to spring. It's just a little chilly for them out there! The winter didn't keep them from laying eggs, though! I'm really impressed with the ducks especially.
    So what have you been up to? Do you have anything in the incubator right now?
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