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    4wk silver laced Wyandotte pullet... or roo??

    With a single comb-that bird would not be considered a Wyandotte.
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    4wk silver laced Wyandotte pullet... or roo??

    It's a single combed bird-so not what you want in a Wyandotte. Could be either at this point. Fine for egg layers.
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    Black Laced Silver Wyandotte

    We've bred wyandottes for 9 years. Hatchery birds are harder to sex, but in our line-the males combs are pink quicker and they are wider than the females. The female's combs are almost a gray shade when they are juveniles.
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    EE or wyandotte

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    Black Laced Silver Wyandotte

    Your Silver laced is likely a cockerel.
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    Bantam Wyandotte chicks

    Agree-we used to raise both colors.
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    A guess at my SL wyandotte chicks?

    100% both are boys.
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    Pennsylvania!! Unite!!

    It's easy, but you do need to keep up with the blood testing requirements, site inspections and yearly paperwork to the state.
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    Is this a blue wyandotte chick?

    I can't tell by those photos, but if the chick doesn't have a single comb-then it looks like a blue wyandotte. We used to raise them for several years. The last chick you posted looks like a splash color of the Blue laced Wyandotte variety. They are different varieties.
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    Blue Laced Red Wyandottes

    Both will be very orange splash colored blue laced red wyandottes. Hatcheries always sell the splash as blue laced.
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    Blue Laced Red Wyandotte? Silver Spangled Hamburg?

    Yep, Hatchery grade splash Wyandotte.
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    Waiting List for Nittany Wyandottes

    We started our waiting list for chicks. We raise, blue-laced red, silver laced and bantam partridge. We are NPIP certified and have shipped nationally for several years. Please see our website for prices and photos of our birds.
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    Blue laced red Wyandotte bantams from Ideal

    Hatcheries usually sell splash colored birds-not black-laced. If you are looking to breed-then look for a breeder. If you just want eggs-then hatcheries are great.
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