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    Need to reduce flock

    Need to reduce my flock; had a big hatch this year and the hawks left us mostly alone. Looking for good homes for our birds. BYC wanted a $5 reserve price, but for BYC'ers who want to pick up, any offer is fine and we can work out things on the phone. Contact Patrick (609) 457-1130 I can...
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    Miracle Chick!

    Sad news I put Oscar under my broody hen and he was there when I went to sleep. Somehow, during the night or early morning, he fell in with our white langshan hen who has three other 10 day old chicks. She seemed to except him and was warming him when he needed it. I got the feeling he had...
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    Miracle Chick!

    Oh oh, the kids named it Oscar.
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    Miracle Chick!

    I'd run a brooder for one chick, they just don't seem to like being alone. If I had another chick to stick in there, but the other chicks I have are bigger and have been free ranging with their moms.
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    Miracle Chick!

    Was walking by the garbage can just now and I heard peeping from inside. But I'm getting ahead of myself. We had two hens hatch 8 chicks about 10 days ago. After they left the nest, I collected the unhatched eggs, tapped them to see if anything was ready to hatch, and then put them in the...
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    Coop Plan Progress

    I left my entrance flush with the floor to make it easy to get the bedding out. To prevent bedding from falling out the door whenever I opened it (doors have to open out, btw), I put a removable running board in front of the entranceway.
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    Coop Plan Progress

    The easiest place for human access would be the side opposite the roost pole. Don't forget bedding depth when designing the chicken entrance.
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    Crushed Egg Shells-Calcium supplement?

    I didn't know you had to wash or bake them. Not sure why that would be important. You do want to pulverize them good so the chickens don't know they are eggs. Maybe it is easier to do so after washing and baking. Crushed oyster shell is pretty cheap, which is why I never bothered to process...
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    how many chicks make it to adulthood?

    I've ordered two batches, one was 25 chicks and one was 15. Of the 25, one chick died soon after arrival, but they had sent two extra. Of the 15, they all survived and thrived and there were 7 extra. Once they are eating and drinking in the brooder, I doubt you will have losses. Once they...
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    when can you call your eggs "free-range?"

    Personally, I would call your eggs "Farm Fresh". But, I believe you would be 'free range' in Europe. I'd be comfortable calling chickens 'free range' if they have any access to foraging on their own. Even if you let them out for a few hours a week (when you can supervise them), then I'd...
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    What breed?

    If egg production is paramount, then Rhode Island Reds are the best of the cold weather breeds. Also look at utility hybrids from RIR crosses.
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    Feeding question for my White Rocks (used for meat)

    Just feed them like normal dual purpose chicks. Chick starter then grower then layer. There is no reason to segregate them. That would be hard anyway, since you will not know which ones you want to cull for 4-5 months.
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    A few not-yet-chicken-owner questions!

    1) What was the size of your first flock? 2) Do you recommend any chicken that catches fancy, like... well, any from mixes to ornamental, or sticking with a goal? Like all egg-layers, or fryers, or purebred with no mixes? 3) What was your first coop? Did you build it yourself, or bought it...
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    New to me chickens--laying question

    I think your instincts are correct, they are getting used to a new place. It is also possible that in her zeal to sell you on taking the chickens, the laying numbers were exaggerated (or is that egg-zagerated). With more time in the new place, longer days, and warmer temps, you should be...
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    What breed is

    Most people on here will guess EE. My Modern Black Breasted Red Games have the exact same coloring. Now, Games have tails. Did this pullet have tail feathers that molted? Rumpless Araucona? If the egg comes out white, it is probably a Game, if it comes out greenish or bluish, an EE.
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