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    Duck/eggs/freezing temp situation.....

    She actually started sitting on them after the freeze last night. We were in the process of getting their very own enclosure and moving them into it this weekend in case this happened,..but she beat us to the punch. Now I don't know what to do. I'm afraid if I move her nest, she'll abandon the...
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    Duck/eggs/freezing temp situation.....

    My Mallard hen has been laying eggs for several weeks, but she kept moving her nest. She finally picked a spot she's happy with (in our garden) and laid an egg a day for a week and a half. The 2 Drakes and the hen willingly go in the chicken coop with our chickens at night. Last night, it got...
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    Documentary Television Series Casting for Duck Owners

    I have 3 Mallards and would love to invite them inside (wearing a diaper of course) But, I don't think it would bode well with my 2 cats and dog Peepers is ADORABLE!!
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    Why does my female Pekin do this sideways head bobbing thing?

    My Mallard hen does that too Not only at the Drakes, but at us if we walk up to her. I couldn't figure it out at first,..but my husband and I began researching and found out that that's her 'come hither' dance
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    First Egg !!!!:)

    Congratulations!! There's nothing like the excitement of getting your first duck egg!
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    Mating behavior of a drake?

    I have 3 Mallards...2 Drakes and 1 hen. The hen won't get any curls, if the one in question has already molted, gotten his pretty green head and has begun to get curly q's on his tail, it's definately a HE. Because he's still young, he's probably trying out his moves. Kinda like kids do when...
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    Easter Egger club!

    I don't have a pic to post as of yet, but I got my first EE last week. Her name is Molly and she's in quarantine. Hopefully I can take some pics tomorrow and post one. I just love those sweet little feathered babies!! Oh,..Ya'll have some beautiful babies!!
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    R.I.P Blair

    I'm so sorry for your loss I lost one of my favorite Roo's today as well. It got really cold here last night and I think he just couldn't handle it. He was my favorite and was such a sweetie. He's the one in my profile pic. Hang in there,'s hard when we have a loss but atleast you have...
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    I moved my 3 young girls into the bigger coop this morning.

    They're absolutely gorgeous!! I know you're a proud Mama! I definately would be!
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    RIP Big Daddy!

    Thank you He was a Yokohama (ornamental). I have been looking for another one,..but can't find anyone that sells them. He sure was a sweetie!
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    RIP Big Daddy!

    Thank ya'll very much. Today has been rough, but knowing I have people that understand makes it a little easier. I'm sure you know what I mean. There are folks out there that just can't understand and emotional attachment to something like a chicken or rooster. Atleast I know ya'll do!
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    RIP Big Daddy!

    My heart is breaking!! When I went to feed my feathered friends and let them out to roam, I noticed Big Daddy (my Yokohama Roo) lying lifeless on the ground. He was given to me by a friend that lost her coops during the April Tornadoes we had here in Alabama. He was her favorite Roo and quickly...
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    Let's see pics of your Isolation/Quarantine pens! :)

    I hate learning the hard way! One of my new birds had Coryza. Thanks to some advice I got on BYC, we made the diagnosis and will begin treatment today. We're also building a quarantine pen and was so glad to see some of the ones that ya'll have made. I LOVE this site!! It has helped me SO much...
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    Smelly Easter Egger...what could be the problem???

    Thank you so much for your response. I wish I'd have thought to separate her as well. I'm new at this and there's still so much to learn. I'll give her a thorough look over and hopefully the culprit is one of the more minor problems instead of a major one. Thanks again for your help!
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    Smelly Easter Egger...what could be the problem???

    I recently bought a EE from a friend and when I got her home, I noticed that she had a really bad odor to her. I suppose if I were to describe it, it would be like decay. She's only 1 1/2 yrs old and has a few missing feathers, but no bald spots. She's seems ok otherwise. She stays in the coop...
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