3 x 4 Vintage Style Pulp Cartons - FHP-34V

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  • The "EGG BOX" is back!

    Do you remember these egg cartons? We do! For years our customers have been asking where they could find vintage style 3 x 4 (3 egg by 4 egg) paper egg cartons. They did not exist anywhere until now!

    Thanks to Fall Harvest Products[​IMG], what was once only a collector's item is now available to you for everyday use at the market. These great egg boxes from yesteryear have a vintage style that will bring back fond memories for you and your customers. Your customers will not forget where they bought the eggs that come in this vintage style egg carton. This new egg carton has a natural (gray) color. Made from 100% recycled fiber paper. This carton holds from small to extra large eggs.

    This egg carton features universal printing consisting of an old fashioned farm scene printed with blue ink. Printing also includes newest regulatory printing, including FDA Safe Handling Instructions, Nutrition Information and Refrigeration Instructions.

    Quantity pricing. the more you order the lower the price per carton. EggCartons.com has free shipping on this carton.
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  1. Bogtown Chick
    "Nostalgic egg cartons"
    Pros - Unique, nostalgia, fun.
    Cons - tears a bit easy when lifting them apart from high posts
    Love these egg cartons for their Vintage personality. I have a friend who buys my eggs. She cooks up a storm and is into quality, beautifully presented food. When she saw my egg cartons she immediately gave me the response I was sure to get from her -- She loved her eggs presented in this carton! I must admit I love being original and eye catching with my eggs and this container does that for me. This carton is so fun and then you open it up and it has the fun blue/green and brown eggs within. The tall posts seem to keep the eggs well in place. When stacking my cartons not in use sometimes the posts are snugged together and I've ripped a cover or two right off the carton. My fault. I just use the open ones (without a cover right in my own fridge for my own eggs). Bought these for a good BYC friend who lives in England for her birthday. She really likes them and is afraid to give to her egg customers though as she fears she may not get them back. LOL.

    I searched a couple sites for these cartons and found the best deal at Premier 1 Supplies. Super fast delivery and just a better price than the rest.

    Adorableness...these cartons.
  2. Anna-MN
    Pros - Sturdy, fit in fridge easier, unique
    I purchased these this spring to offer something more unique for my egg customers. They are all in love with them! I love them because they fit in my fridge easier and are super sturdy. They also transport well when I am delivering eggs to coworkers and elderly customers. It's a purchase well made!
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  3. FarmerBrian72
    "A Great Egg Carton. People are Buying My Eggs..."
    Pros - Stands Out. Looks Great! High Post to protect eggs and brings back great memories!
    This is a great egg carton that really does make my eggs stand out from the rest. People come up to me because they see the egg carton and they remember when they were young. I had one customer start crying when she saw these cartons because of all the memories she had collecting eggs with her family as a child. People are buying my eggs because they want to take the egg carton home and show friends (and my eggs are great of course!) If you want to make your eggs stand out from the crowd at a farmers' market then I really suggest getting these cartons. I buy them from eggcartons.com they have free shipping.
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  1. Duckymark
    In stock at eggcartons.com
  2. Bogtown Chick
    Bummer. They have discontinued due to quality from the manufacturer. They had to sort them to be sure they were sending quality product.

    Stephanie Sexton [email protected]7:32 AM (8 hours ago) to me Good Morning,

    No I am sorry but we have discontinued them. Unfortunately there was a lot of sorting that we had to do for quality and the manufacturer was unwilling to upgrade their processes.

    Thanks in advance.
  3. Bogtown Chick
    I just looked and it looks like they are not in their usual spot! :( I messaged them to see if they got any hidden in their store room still and will forward you their response.
  4. Lady of McCamley
    I went to Premier One Supplies and cannot find the Vintage there. Tried typing in all sorts of search on the site. Where did you find them on that site? Thx.
  5. Bogtown Chick
    You'll love them and the response of presenting your beautiful eggs in them Plucky. I filled mine with blue and brown eggs checkerboard pattern. Wrapped a red silk ribbon around the carton and gave it for a hostess gift at a dinner party. I don't mean to sound too puffed up but I think the hostess really liked MY gift. LOL.
  6. PluckyClucker99
    Gonna use these when my hens start laying...... Two thumbs up!

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