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Dual Purpose
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All Climates
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Friendly, Flighty, Easily handled, Calm, Bears confinement well, Quiet, Docile
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Black, Blue, Blue Wheaten, Brown Red, Buff, Silver, Wheaten, and White. Colors being worked on include Lavender, Splash, Splash Wheaten, Mottled, Salmon, Red Pyle and Black Gold.
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Large Fowl

The Ameraucana is an American breed of chicken developed in the USA in the 1970s. It was derived from chickens brought from South America (Chile) that carried the blue egg gene and was bred to maintain the blue egg colour gene of that breed. There is also an Ameraucana bantam variety and both the LF and bantam variety were added to the APA Standard of Perfection (SOP) in 1984. Recognised varieties are: Black, Blue, Blue Wheaten, Brown Red, Buff, Silver, Wheaten, White.

The Ameraucana is one of the few chicken breeds to lay blue eggs, another being the Cream Legbar, which also have an Araucana influence. The Ameraucana breed shows many similarities to the Araucana breed, such as pea combs and of course the blue egg gene. The Araucana however has earmuffs and is rumpless, whereas the Ameraucana has a tail and is muffed and bearded. Their earlobes are small and round, wattles small or absent, earlobes, comb and wattles are all red. Their shanks are slate-blue, (tending to black in the Black variety). In Australia and UK both Ameraucana and Araucana breeds are viewed as varieties of the Araucana - tailed and rumpless.

Less rare than Araucanas, Ameraucana are still considered quite rare. They are often confused with Easter Eggers (EE's are often advertised and sold as Ameraucanas), which can lay blue AND green eggs.

See here: Differences Between EEs, Ameraucanas, and Araucanas

Ameraucana eggs

Ameraucana chicks

Ameraucana pullet

Ameraucana rooster

For more info on Ameraucanas and their owners' and breeders' experiences, see our breed discussion here:

Latest reviews

Pros: Love this! very informational, and it helped me learn more stuff for fair!!!
Cons: None
Pros: Beautiful. Alert. Calm when handled.
Cons: Skittish. Have a strong pecking order even as chick's so need to give lots of space and be weary of chick's with odd behaviors.
Good description differentiating for EE and araucana.
Pros: Cutest little thing, sweet, pretty
Cons: Stop laying in winter!
They are great pets or layers. But they stop laying in the winter time! :(
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$5 dollars a chick.
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i read that ading chewing tobacco to the nesting material help to eliminate mites and lice any idea?
We love our 4 Ameraucana's. Three hen's and one rooster. They come when you call them and jump up for a snuggle when you sit down with them. When we first introduced them into the already established clutch they immediately took over and showed the other hen's who were in charge. They are great, lay every day and are sweet critters.
Y'all are going to love your chickens. We have had Ameraucanas for 5 years now. It is so much fun for the kids to go pick up blue eggs. Have fun with them. We have 9 hens and a rooster
Ya the kids already love the chickens my boyfriends brothers! And our little girl who will be 1 April 21 loves them to! I dont really know how to use this website so it is kind of cool to hear from someone on here!
FYI those are not Ameraucanas. If your chicks come in varying colors, if you got them from a feedstore or hatchery, if they grow up to lay different colored eggs or are claimed to, they are not Ameraucanas. But this would go great in the Easter Egger breed section.
Care to prove me wrong? The chick on top sorry is a boy/cockerel, and he'll feather out to be an unrecognized color for Ameraucanas but common in Easter Eggers, plus from the chick pic one or two of them look to be clean faced and the dark one who's feathering out to look like the chick on the bottom I presume is also not a recognized color. Also, it sounds like you got these from a feedstore or hatchery, which don't sell Ameraucanas despite whatever they say, and I bet at least one of those chicks has green legs which is a disqualification for Ameraucanas. I'm not putting down your birds, I myself have Easter Eggers and love them, but I'm sorry, any true Ameraucana owner or breeder would agree with me. Those are Easter Eggers.
I love your review. I'm just starting out and contemplating my order. Ameraucanas were at the top of my list, but of all the breeds I'm getting, I didn't know which to get a roo with. This helped narrow it down for me. I'm very happy to hear that Donnie has you trained so well, LOL!
The top one looks some what like eagle colors they are very nice looking birds we have rir and my 7 year old wants a bird that is easy to Handle, WE MAY LOOK INTO THIS TYPE THANK U FOR SHARING
Just an fyi, Murray McMurray hatchery does not sell real Ameraucanas. They claim what they like, but actually sell mutts known as "Easter Eggers." I too got some Easter Eggers from McMurray and they were very poor layers, laid brown eggs sadly, and had physical deformities such as curled toes and crooked backs.
Good to know, Illia. Thank you. Maybe we'll try again next year so we can have a pretty variety of eggs (we have a few Maran chicks this year). But I'll look for "real" Ameraucanas. Thankfully our Easter Eggers weren't deformed--I'd feel really bad about that.
i agree with llia they sell EE's which are not Ameraucanas (they are not even considered a real breed in some occasions) also, give them a rest and do not use artificial light because they are probably are very tired of laying. During the winter don't use artificial light because that is supposed to be their resting season.!!!
Yes, don't make them lay during winter, if you do that might make them take a rest during the summer and spring months.
Before we had the EE girls we had Golden Comets and Barred Rocks. They layed reliably year round for years and years.
She sounds like my Lucy, Lucy always shrieks when I pick her up and is very procotious , she is the alpha chick in my small flock. Very healthy, curious and pretty!

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