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  1. Crystalchickmama
    "So beautiful"
    Pros - These girls are sweet, funny, and give such pretty eggs
    Cons - none so far
    Americaunas are friendly and very nosy so they are just a hoot to have in your flock!
  2. kell
    "Mottled Ameracauna Project!"
    Pros - Friendly, docile, blue eggs
    Cons - Can be flighty
    Great birds. The friendliest cockerels I've ever had. Love to be hugged. Mine have orange eyes! IMG_8230.JPG
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  3. rlhagan56
    "I love Ameraucana's"
    Pros - Friendly, Good Layer, Beautiful
    Cons - None
    I love them so much that that is all I raise now. I have Black, White, Splash, and Lavender/Self Blue. They are always friendly and lay gorgeous blue eggs.
  4. GardenTillers44
    "One of our favorites!"
    Pros - Hardy with friendly, easy-going personality. Beautiful blue eggs, 5-6 per week
    Cons - Occasionally picked on by larger breeds. Muffs get messy with juicy foodstuffs like melon or oatmeal and may require cleaning
    We have 3 blue Ameraucanas from an established bloodline. Great personality, always following us around. Very active foragers and will run down flies, butterflies and about anything that moves. They can outrun any chicken in our flock. They adapted quickly to handling and seem very gentle by nature. The rest of our flock is mostly heavy breeds that don't hesitate to peck the Ameraucanas when they get the chance (if they can catch them!). That could be because the little blue girls are masters at stealing food out from under the others. Good layers of medium-large light blue eggs. We typically get 5-6 per week. 2 of the 3 went broody during their first summer. They fiercely protect the nest, so I expect they would make good mothers. We were not ready for a raised brood, so we separated them from the nest boxes and they came out of it in a few days. They are a little higher maintenance if you want to keep their muffs clean. They dive into the food with gusto and look like 1 year old kid after a spaghetti dinner. We will wipe them down after a juicy melon, oatmeal or corn-on-the-cob. They also get wet muffs after drinking from an open container. The other day it was 9 degrees and one had little icicles hanging from the muff. I understand they can be prone to mites in the muff area, but so far we have not had any problems. I can't imagine not having Ameraucanas in our flock, we love them!
  5. DoodleRoo
    "My Favorite Chickens!"
    Pros - Beautiful birds with an 'intelligent' look to their gaze. Cute feathered cheeks are a plus. Lay pretty blue/green eggs.
    Cons - Can be on the shy and skittish side.
  6. Duckstruck
    "Great Egg Layer!"
    Pros - Beautiful Feathers, Beautiful Eggs
    Cons - Can Be Skittish
    In the beginning, my Ameraucanas were fearful, skittish chicks. Much has improved on their tendencies since childhood.
    I watched my Ameraucana lay the first egg in a nine hen flock of different breeds. Many blue eggs to come!
    My second Ameraucana is pretty skittish, but can be social when she feels like it. She's not half as curious as the first, but shows promising production.
  7. jbf16falcon
    "Hardy good tempered layers"
    Pros - I find the Ameraucanas Cocks to be very hawk aware and my 6 are very even tempered to handle, hens good layers, gentle, good mothers, cold hardy zone 6
    Cons - Roosters have a crow that really carries....
    I currently have self-blue or what,others call lavender Ameraucanas. I think overall this line (lavenders)need more work in the males tail feather plumage overall but you can find some nice ones if you raise enough to select from and over the years it has vastly improved. I raised a run of the mill variety of Ameraucanas in the late 70s in FFA, took a 34 year break for an Air Force career and now back to them. A lot has been accomplished with them during my break. I find them to be just a bit on the skittish side when young compared to some Barred Rocks they were raised with. I find that flightishness to be slowly disappearing as they age. A good breed for me.
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  8. melishkia
    "Best breed for me!"
    Pros - Beautiful eggs, self-relient, variety of feather colors
    Cons - None
    Personally, this is my favorite breed.
    I have a mixed flock and have to say, the Americauna takes the cake for me. I don't like a bird that is very dependent on me, I used to love my barred rocks for that reason but then it became annoying. I like an independent bird. The different colored varieties make it so much fun to "collect them all." I currently have a blue wheaten americauna rooster, 2 red hens, a blue, black, and 2 splash americauna hens. They are generally a friendly breed with other flock members but stick closer to the top of the pecking order in my home. The bearded ladies are just the best, their little fuzz ball babies with the chipmunk cheeks.. just love it. Mine are excellent foragers and do well with avoiding predators. The reason I say that is because my barred rock was too friendly with the wrong creatures, my americauna's don't take the risk and I like that.
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  9. Devw
    "Beautiful, fun-to-own birds"
    Pros - Consistent egg layers, low maintenance, cold-hardy
    Cons - Not as friendly as other breeds, somewhat difficult to find quality birds
    I have always been a fan of Ameraucanas. They come in gorgeous, vibrant colors. Their blue eggs are definitely a plus, and mine lay on a near daily basis.
    The couple that I have mix well with the flock, and are fairly quiet. They are low maintenance, and as their comb is small (pea comb) they are resistant to cold winters. I would definitely recommend this as a starter chicken breed, since they are a really easy breed to own, and look beautiful.

    The only "problem" I really have with the breed is that they tend to be a bit people shy. This might not be a problem for others, but as I show my birds it can be a bit challenging to prepare for shows and handling them for maintenance. It's also difficult, compared to other breeds, to find a nearby breeder that sells and shows quality birds. Many online hatcheries sell "Ameraucanas", but they're usually Easter Eggers or mutt Ameraucanas (colors crossed that create unaccepted variations). It's also not uncommon for Ameraucanas to have "leaks" in their coloration, such as red feathers found on a black Ameraucana.

    If your intention is to have this breed for their eggs, then they are a great breed to invest in. However, if you're looking to show these birds it definitely requires some research in finding nice quality birds.
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  10. haileyeverhart
    "Like puppies"
    Pros - So kind and cute
    Cons - None
    I dont understand the reviews on them being skittish, its called babying them! If you want a nice chicken you have to play with them and make them think youre the mother hen. I know I have, they call for me when i leave the room and just generally love being around me, I love it. Bottom line, dont listen to others saying this breed is skittish, they are very docile birds so if they say theyre skittish, its just how they raised them [​IMG]

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