Pros: Love this! very informational, and it helped me learn more stuff for fair!!!
Cons: None
Pros: Beautiful. Alert. Calm when handled.
Cons: Skittish. Have a strong pecking order even as chick's so need to give lots of space and be weary of chick's with odd behaviors.
Good description differentiating for EE and araucana.
Pros: Cutest little thing, sweet, pretty
Cons: Stop laying in winter!
They are great pets or layers. But they stop laying in the winter time! :(
Purchase Price
$5 dollars a chick.
Purchase Date
Pros: Leader of the flock, smart, cautious, beautiful eggs, pretty
Cons: WILL NOT let you catch them
We have a few of them and they are very nice and tend to stay calm and not mean. Looking forward to seeing our's grow more over the next year.
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Pros: Lovely birds, lovely eggs, cold hardy
Cons: In my opinion they don't have an interesting personality, not very outgoing, the roosters were always either fighting or just never had any gumption...
Ameraucanas were the first breed I wanted. I was instantly charmed by their beauty, eggs, and hardiness but eventually moved away from them. They are not as skittish as they once were, but Ameraucanas just never stood out in the crowd and I found them difficult to breed. When I bought a new cockerel to replace the roosters who could not tolerate being near each other, he was low in fertility and eventually died.
I moved on to other breeds and now only use my Ameraucana hens for eggs.
Purchase Price
8 dollars each
Pros: Bright Plumes ranging from orange and black to grey and tan. Pretty eggs ranging from pastel blue to green.
Cons: If your coop/run are not sealed they will find a way out. When they find a way out, they will start roosting in nearby trees, which usually ends badly.
I'm reviewing because I like this breed and want to share some info. If you want blue and green eggs along with a cool bearded bird... this is a great pick for you. Just make sure your run / coop is well sealed. If you let your birds free range and you have trees nearby, there's a good chance you will find them in there roosting at night, which of course can be very dangerous for predation. Rarely in my experience are Americaunas "friendly" or "tame", more often they are rather wild and flighty. I've had many of this breed though and there are a few general colors, but they're all a little different. Really fun to have them in the flock and they have such a hawk-ish look about them.
Purchase Price
Around $6 at Farm Stores
Purchase Date
Pros: Beautiful egg layer
Cons: skittish
I had one given to me 3 years ago. She was an older hen, about 2 when I got her. She was people shy and would hide from you. She laid the most beautiful green eggs and everyone wanted them. She laid about 5 eggs a week. When I let the flock she would run like crazy after bugs. She lived for 2 years after I had her. Looking to get one in a few years.
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Pros: They are very friendly and an extreamly docile breed. They lay beautiful blue eggs. They tolerate heat well and are very cold hardy.
Cons: It can be very hard to find true Ameraucanas. They do mature a little slower than some other breeds so you may not get your first egg until they are around 6 months old.
We raise blue, black and splash Ameraucanas. We adore them! The roosters are wonderful with the hens and not aggressive towards us at all. They are an excellent breed!
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Purchase Date
June 2018
Pros: Beautiful birds, exquisite coloring. Lovely pink or blue eggs. Good brooders.
Cons: Not super friendly. Can act really pissy when you take their eggs.
I currently have 4 Ameraucanas along with a bunch of other girls. They're my 2nd favorite dual purpose birds. I never get tired of watching them with their exquisite coloring and subtle variations. They are not pets, they're for eggs and eventually the table but I've become so fond them I'll probably keep them forever, they're just that lovely. Ours lay pale pink eggs and lovely pale turquoise eggs. Very good brooders as well.


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Pros: Friendly, funny, calm.
Cons: Loud
Pros: great colors, they lay every other day or sometimes everyday, beautiful color,
Cons: in the winter they rarely lay, you don't know if its going to be a rooster or hen
overall great chicken and great eggs, but you never know what the sex of it is going to be.
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Purchase Date
Pros: Full of personality and fun to watch
They are pretty fluffy but manage to stay clean
A good free ranger that doesn't wander
Not flighty at all
Cons: Skittish and wary
Kind of an awkward run, easy for a predator to catch
Aggressive to new chickens
I've had EE's for years but this is my first actual ameraucana, Eglantine! She's curious and hilarious to watch honestly! I love it.
They are kinda fluffy too, but mine always is clean. She also stays with the flock and is fine with confinement.

She's very skittish though, and wary. Not a pet bird in my experience unless you really handle them. Mine also kinda runs weird, and so does my friend's. This may contribute to how the other 2 ameraucanas I bought we killed by predators. Eglantine is also slightly aggressive to the newer chickens when they come near her.
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Pros: Gentle, Aesthetically pleasing, varied colors, colored eggs
Cons: Low on Pecking order, gets bullied during snack time
We love our Ameraucana Hens. We have 5 that are mixed in with 4 other breeds for a total of a 50 hen flock. These ladies are so sweet and demure. They are gentle to handle, very curious and ours are great foragers. They all have different but gorgeous feathers. We can't wait to see our first egg. This one's name is Silver, she has the sweetest grey beard! Very light weight birds and ours don't struggle with you when they are held!
Purchase Date
May 23, 2018
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Pros: Intelligent, friendly, lay large blue eggs, make excellent alpha hens, many colors to choose from
Cons: Can be aggressive towards flock mates
This is such a fantastic breed. I have found them to be smart, and willing to interact with me. They even learned to cackle in such a way, as to almost simulate language! I would call to my alpha hen, by name, "Taji, Taji, where are you?". That hen would reply to me, "cackle, cackle, buck-buck-buck.", translation, "Here I am, sitting under the grapefruit tree.". LOL! :gig

However, they can get somewhat aggressive with other chickens, occasionally. But, it was this trait, that enabled my Ameruacana to become the alpha hen. And, her majesty, was an excellent leader. She kept the hens in line, stopped any squabbles, did not tolerate, defiance. A quick thrashing would take care of anyone, disrupting the peace. :oops:

I also, observed tenderness and acceptance from my Ameruacanas. When I brought a rescued, little game hen into the flock, Taji's sister, Inky, accepted her, when the rest of the flock ingnored and even tormented her with constant pecking. One evening, as I was going to close the coop door, I observed the little game hen, with her head hanging low. Inky stood next to her on the perch. Suddenly, Inky stretched her wing out and placed it over the little game hen, as if she was a chick! They were best friends, from that night on.

This breed has impressed me so much, that I am currently hatching another generation of Ameruacanas. Not only are they beautiful to look at, they are intelligent, strong, and friendly birds.

I think I will always have Ameruacanas in my flock. They truly are, a beautiful and regal breed.
Pros: Love the Ameraucana Chickens~~ Good Layers and easily kept~~
Great Chickens and easily kept~~
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Pros: lovable and loving!!!
Cons: can be territorial and mean, especially to banties(at least in my birds). fly like mad,lol
these have always been my dream bird and now I have them I'm getting addicted to ameraucana and silkies! love my birds!!!
Pros: Blue Eggs, Blue Eggs, Blue Eggs!
(very pretty bird too)
Cons: Tend to want to fly, like to roost high in trees if allowed.
With this breed it starts and ends with the beautiful blue (not green) eggs. Only the Araucana seems to be its equal in their beautiful blue eggs. Together with the Marans eggs they and amazing color to our market eggs packs. We have been breeding and selling them for over 4 Years and they are a customer favorite!
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