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  1. Mercurygirl68
    "Sweet Hens"
    Pros - Gentle, Aesthetically pleasing, varied colors, colored eggs
    Cons - Low on Pecking order, gets bullied during snack time
    We love our Ameraucana Hens. We have 5 that are mixed in with 4 other breeds for a total of a 50 hen flock. These ladies are so sweet and demure. They are gentle to handle, very curious and ours are great foragers. They all have different but gorgeous feathers. We can't wait to see our first egg. This one's name is Silver, she has the sweetest grey beard! Very light weight birds and ours don't struggle with you when they are held!
    Purchase Date:
    May 23, 2018
  2. Hen Pen Jem
    "Regal Beauty"
    Pros - Intelligent, friendly, lay large blue eggs, make excellent alpha hens, many colors to choose from
    Cons - Can be aggressive towards flock mates
    This is such a fantastic breed. I have found them to be smart, and willing to interact with me. They even learned to cackle in such a way, as to almost simulate language! I would call to my alpha hen, by name, "Taji, Taji, where are you?". That hen would reply to me, "cackle, cackle, buck-buck-buck.", translation, "Here I am, sitting under the grapefruit tree.". LOL! :gig

    However, they can get somewhat aggressive with other chickens, occasionally. But, it was this trait, that enabled my Ameruacana to become the alpha hen. And, her majesty, was an excellent leader. She kept the hens in line, stopped any squabbles, did not tolerate, defiance. A quick thrashing would take care of anyone, disrupting the peace. :oops:

    I also, observed tenderness and acceptance from my Ameruacanas. When I brought a rescued, little game hen into the flock, Taji's sister, Inky, accepted her, when the rest of the flock ingnored and even tormented her with constant pecking. One evening, as I was going to close the coop door, I observed the little game hen, with her head hanging low. Inky stood next to her on the perch. Suddenly, Inky stretched her wing out and placed it over the little game hen, as if she was a chick! They were best friends, from that night on.

    This breed has impressed me so much, that I am currently hatching another generation of Ameruacanas. Not only are they beautiful to look at, they are intelligent, strong, and friendly birds.

    I think I will always have Ameruacanas in my flock. They truly are, a beautiful and regal breed.
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  3. Donald K Allen
    "Awesome Breed"
    Pros - Love the Ameraucana Chickens~~ Good Layers and easily kept~~
    Great Chickens and easily kept~~
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  4. SherryLynn51
    "Absolutely beautiful"
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  5. Moonwolf
    "ameraucana my dream bird come true!!"
    Pros - lovable and loving!!!
    Cons - can be territorial and mean, especially to banties(at least in my birds). fly like mad,lol
    these have always been my dream bird and now I have them I'm getting addicted to ameraucana and silkies! love my birds!!!
  6. SheppardRanch
    "Beautiful Blue Eggs"
    Pros - Blue Eggs, Blue Eggs, Blue Eggs!
    (very pretty bird too)
    Cons - Tend to want to fly, like to roost high in trees if allowed.
    With this breed it starts and ends with the beautiful blue (not green) eggs. Only the Araucana seems to be its equal in their beautiful blue eggs. Together with the Marans eggs they and amazing color to our market eggs packs. We have been breeding and selling them for over 4 Years and they are a customer favorite! IMG_0493.jpg
  7. jessifl
    "Beautiful eggs and production"
    Pros - high production, color, healthy, very pretty hens, calm
    Cons - slow growers, roosters are dull except blacks, mean when broody
    I love my Ameraucanas. They are beautiful petite birds that are very smart. They lay normally every other day half the year and every day the other half.
    Sometimes they are too smart. My girls will always find a way out of the pasture into the back yard to let me know if they feel supper is late.
    They aren't fans of being touched but are calm and won't claw and scratch to get away.
    Mine are very healthy birds and it seems never get sick.
    I have only had one go broody and boy was she a mean brooder. Couldn't go near her nest with hissing and pecking. So, I gave in and let her have some eggs. Nope, she decided to start eating them. She would leave to eat a couple times a day which is normal for the first couple of weeks. But then if she came back to find someone else laying in her nest she through a fit and ate an egg or two. Then once she finally had a couple that made it to the last week and she was brooding 24/7 I thought ok all is well. Nope, she decided she was over it.
    The roosters are pretty bland looking to me but are gentle and calm. They are constant talkers though.
    The black roosters are beautiful with feathers flashing purples and blues. It is very hard to get one with no leakage (red flakes somewhere on a feather or two).
    I love that you can breed to a certain shade of blue egg you want and that you can mix these birds with other breeds and get a rainbow of greens and blues in your egg basket.
    They are truly a fun breed. Be very careful though, it is hard to find true Americana's with a pure blood line.
    Ask for pictures of the chicks and compare to breed standards. Chicks are usually easier to spot as fake.
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  8. Crystalchickmama
    "So beautiful"
    Pros - These girls are sweet, funny, and give such pretty eggs
    Cons - none so far
    Americaunas are friendly and very nosy so they are just a hoot to have in your flock!
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  9. kell
    "Mottled Ameracauna Project!"
    Pros - Friendly, docile, blue eggs
    Cons - Can be flighty
    Great birds. The friendliest cockerels I've ever had. Love to be hugged. Mine have orange eyes! IMG_8230.JPG
  10. rlhagan56
    "I love Ameraucana's"
    Pros - Friendly, Good Layer, Beautiful
    Cons - None
    I love them so much that that is all I raise now. I have Black, White, Splash, and Lavender/Self Blue. They are always friendly and lay gorgeous blue eggs.

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