Green Garden Chicken Doc Woody Nesting Box

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  • Wooden nesting box with a unique design.
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  1. Whittni
    "A Nesting Box For Broody Hens"
    Pros - Has a wood piece to keep the straw, chicks and eggs in from a hen, looks nice and has a slant to keep chickens from roosting and pooping on it
    Cons - $70/unit
    This is a picture of what these Nest Boxes look like from

    I would love to have these nesting boxes in my coop because they have great eye appeal, have a slant that discourages chickens to sleep on them and their overall design. This laying box can hold a broody mother hen's chicks and her eggs in and not fall out. Same goes for other hens as well. I love the fact that its raised off the ground and that I could make my bedding thicker and have the baby chicks from a broody not have problems getting in the nest at night. If you were interested in getting this kind of nesting box here's the link to it:

    Have a good one!

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