cold eggs

  1. Mustafa Aamir

    eggs got cold on 20th day during lockdown!!! Please help

    hi, please help anybody, today was my 20th day.... tommorow is the hatch date. i have around 15 Australorp and 15 Rir eggs in a semi-automatic incubator. at night, around 1:50 am i last checked the eggs (I know ot late i should have been sleeping 😆😆). Anyways they were all good at that time...
  2. ChocolateWingTheRooster

    Found out where the eggs went... (I have a couple of questions!)

    So, recently, I was finding less and less eggs. I thought my chickens were taking a break from laying... but I was wrong. Yesterday I checked for eggs and.... I found a stash of 24+ (Likely fertile) eggs! (That’s 2-3 days worth of eggs!) That for some reason was out of sight and layed outside...
  3. Chicken_You_Out

    How long can incubated eggs survive the cold?

    This morning, the incubator was left open by my brother. 8 hours later, I come home and realize what happened. The eggs were about ~5 days along, could they have survived? They’re in our kitchen so the temperature was about 65-70 degrees.
  4. thiggins

    Momma left the nest

    My momma hen left her broody box which has a dozen eggs - she’s been sitting on them for a little over a week. They are stone cold. She sat in a nesting box instead on new eggs. Is it too late for the other eggs? Help!?? I put her back on the “old” eggs with the new (warm) eggs which I...
  5. M

    Question on broody goose

    Hello, New member to the site but it's always been a great resource for researching advice. Hoping someone has some tips for me now. I have raised ducks for many years but I am new to geese, and one of my pair of young Brown African geese, Lucy-Goosey, seems to have become broody and is...
  6. 3

    Incubator Off All Night

    i have 12 Black Swedish Hen Eggs at 10 days, 7 Serama at 14 days and over 18 Serama at day 2 in a new Brisnea model. When I got up this morning it was unplugged. We are not sure how, no cats. All of the eggs were cold and my incubator was unplugged for at least 10 hours. My incubator is really...
  7. whitles798

    Cold eggs

    Hello! I have a hen that has been sitting and was due a week from today. I came home from work to discover her off her nest and her eggs cold. How long can eggs go cold this far into developing? I'm hoping they can be salvaged. :hit
  8. Heated nesting boxes help stop frozen eggs!

    Heated nesting boxes help stop frozen eggs!

    Last winter was unusually cold for my area, with days turning to weeks of temperatures way below freezing. My schedule allowed me to gather my eggs twice a day, 8am and 8pm. For weeks I had cracked frozen eggs. Literally dozens of eggs were deemed unfit for human consumption, and fed back the...
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