1. R

    3-4months old rhode island red raspy voice

    Hi, Please help, i have her with her brother since last month. They came with nasal discharge and dyspnea, but i was able to treat them with Premoxil day 1-3 and Ambroxitil day 4-6. However, last week the female rhode island red had a change in voice, it sounded raspy/phlegmish/blocked/mucoid...
  2. TheVanVrank_hens

    living with CRD

    Chickens have a mild cough/sniffle thing, vet said it’s probably mycoplasmosis - treating with tetracycline in their water. They will most definitely recover just fine. But, my question is: what now? I guess this never goes away, and forever my flock will be infected. I don’t breed (don’t even...
  3. Goosebaby

    Mycoplasma in Geese

    There isn’t a lot of information out there about mycoplasma, or chronic respiratory disease in geese and ducks other than vague descriptions that are often copy pasted from few sources, so I thought I’d post a useful article I found about it...
  4. A

    How to use Amtyl 500

    I have a bird with CRD symptoms and I want to treat the whole flock with Amtyl 500 tabs. Can I treat the whole flock by adding to water? If so how much? or do I have to crop dose every bird individually? thanks in advance? I’m having a hard time ringing any info on it!
  5. Paperairplanepilot

    Sick bird. Mg, crd, or nothing?

    Hello, About a week ago my blind roo was acting a little weird after drinking. I thought something was wrong with his crop, so I massaged it. A short while after shaking his head a little glob of goo flew out of his mouth (picture attached, it landed on my shirt 🙄). 2 days ago I noticed that...
  6. orangesplash

    Sluggish to sudden CRD?

    Is it possible that a 7 month old Brahma who was sluggish one day, abc the next day had audible crepty breathing sounds ? I need to know the best way to inject tylosin please is tylosin the best for treating CRD? I’m posting a video of hers Above Is a link to her video took thisyesterday...
  7. Krgrabuski


    So a few weeks ago, I noticed one of my cockerels breathing with his mouth open and sneezing. He also had a pale comb. We took him into the house to separate him. I put VetRx near his nostrils and put acv in his water. I was going to treat him with Tylan, but I don't think it's being made...
  8. A

    Fowl pox or CRD

    I have a hen that has been raising chicks for 3 weeks now. I noticed yesterday that her face has swollen lesions and she has sneezed a few times. I separated her from her chicks and administered Tylan 50 as i saw a few bubbles in her eyes and assumed it was a respiratory disease. She has been in...
  9. ckickenlegs

    Antibiotics and chicks

    Hi ,my chooks possibly have signs of CRD either that or gape worm maybe, sneezing, coughing, one is rattly in the chest (wheezy kind of) so lv disinfected everything and cleaned out all the bedding etc and put them on a bird antibiotic, (avicycline c) question is, is it okay for chicks to...
  10. alisacarlee

    Eye infections in chicks. To cull or not to cull?

    Hoping for some direction..... We bought 5 new Heritage Rhode Island Red chicks and they were doing great for about a month. It appears based on our guess of sizes that we may have 3 roos and 2 pullets. The larger few have been rearing up at each other kinda play fighting so when we found the...
  11. Saaniya

    Breathing issues infection is back

    Hello everyone from last 2-3 days I'm noticing my year old rooster tootoo facing his respiratory infection back again . With new symptoms Last time he have only sneezing and lethargy about 7 months ago during winter so I treat it with neomycin + Doxycycline soluble powder for 5 days in a row...
  12. nminusyplusm

    Hen with swollen eyes decides to go broody while sick and the bullying restarts. Ugh.

    I have a multifaceted problem and am wondering what else I should do. My flock of 3 EEs, a Faverolle x Ameruacana and a Welsummer x Cream Legbar olive egger is closed due to CRD, most likely MG as 2 of my 5 have presented with unusual breathing sounds at different times although everyone has...
  13. White Poop / Diarrhoea In Chickens Causes & Cures

    White Poop / Diarrhoea In Chickens Causes & Cures

    We are about to discuss the topic and that's white diarrhoea .. White poop can be trigger too many things . A healthy chicken poop is firm solid in consistency and having a white cap of urates on top of it . that's normal poop .sometimes chicken diet makes changes into colors like often...
  14. Saaniya

    Water From Rooster Eyes

    Just woke up and look out my cockerel he looks little sick .we recently treat his footpad some kind of stone puncher his footpad .. Seems like he's eyes are very watery and liquid slips from 1 eye runny nose .. No other symptoms he's active and vocal . P.s summer started and temperature is...
  15. LeighPea

    HELP! Flock is wheezing and sneezing, not responding to treatment

    Hello everyone, I am desperately seeking help for my girls. I inquired at a few local vets offices and it seems the nearest Poultry vet is about 2 hours away from us. I have three hens in a coop and two in another. The two are new and I bought them from a flea market. They showed no signs of...
  16. Nikki A

    Tylan 50 for CRD making hen sicker?

    I have two crested cream legbar hens that I bought from a local lady this summer. She told me they were about 14 months old at that time. I suspect they're a little older. One ("Noodle") has had an occasional cough or sneeze during the two months I've had her, the other ("Beaker") shows no...
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