Nov 10, 2019
Northern California
There isn’t a lot of information out there about mycoplasma, or chronic respiratory disease in geese and ducks other than vague descriptions that are often copy pasted from few sources, so I thought I’d post a useful article I found about it.

I recommend reading it fully to get the most out of it but if it’s too long of a read here’s a brief summary.

Symptoms of various mycoplasma strains in geese and ducks can include:

Respiratory issues
Inflammation of the cloaca and phallus
Delayed or poor laying
Malformed eggs
Loss of embryo
Reduced appetite
Swollen joints
Arthritis in goslings


Respiratory symptoms are typically worse in goslings, symptoms can or will appear in older birds during laying/breeding season.

Antibiotic sensitivity tests found that most antimicrobial drugs, such as tylosin, enrofloxacin, lincomycin, oxytetracycline, and chlortetracycline were unlikely to prevent or treat mycoplasma in geese and ducks as compared to tiamulin.
They don’t give dosage for prevention or treatment other than the powdered form administered in feed to goslings “100 mg/kg of feed for 10 d” so you’ll have to do your own reasearch for the proper dosages if you’re administering the liquid form to water.

From my own expierience not a lot of poultry vets are expierienced with waterfowl so if you suspect a mycoplasma infection in your flock you may have to ask for them to test for mycoplasma, though there are many strains, so testing for a specific strain may not show a positive result for others maybe.
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