1. B

    HELP want to save my young pullet

    I treated my young chicks and guineas for cocci as I lost 2 and noticed the symptoms. Everyone perked up and then the other day I noticed dirty vent on a young pullet (most turned out to be roosters). I really want to save her. I have isolated, washed the area with warm water and dettol mix...
  2. B

    Chicken butt goo?

    Hey everyone! I’m new to chickens and have read some great things on the site but first time posting. We have a small flock of three hens, and two of them have “mud butt” if you will (one very mild, just a little caked on her feathers, one pretty bad). My husband and I gave the worst one a bath...
  3. D

    Smelly Diarrhea, weight loss, low appetite

    Priscilla has had pure liquid green/yellow diarrhea for over a week now, it has a very odd and peculiar smell (new smell to me), her weight is crazy down, she has some energy but not much. I've been giving her some raw milk kefir with cinnamon, honey, and some oregano oil to hopefully fight off...
  4. LynnieU

    Floppy comb, diarrhea, & weight loss in a 2 year old Cinnamon Queen~

    Hello, I have a 2 year old Cinnamon Queen who has a floppy comb, weight loss, diarrhea and not laying for about a month now. She's laid about 2 eggs we think in the last 4 week or so period. He activity level is mostly good, some bad days where she stands in the corner of the coop, but always...
  5. M


    My Barred Rock has diarrhea. She is still laying, does not appear to feel bad, but I'd like to clear this up. Any suggestions appreciated!
  6. Akpahsj

    Hen Making Gurgling Noises, Lethargic and has Diarrhea?

    Not sure what is up with my hen :/ I let my chickens out to free range this morning and I saw her jump out of a nesting box after everyone was gone and walk outside. When I came back after putting the chicks in their outdoor run, I noticed her laying down and making gurgling noises. When I...
  7. Thechickentrainer1999

    Help with Cockerel having diarrhea.

    I have a golden laced Wyandotte cock who is nearly 20 weeks old and he has been living with the older hens along with 2 young hens his age for about 8 weeks now. He currently is eating a half chick starter and half hen layer food. And ever since he has been living with them, he constantly has...
  8. N

    HELP PLEASE: Lethargic, Sick Chicken Showing Several Symptoms

    Hi All, I need some help! One of my chickens has shown several different symptoms in a progression over the last few days. Below is info, I have been researching everything under the sun and I cannot figure out what she has. I don't want to over treat her for the wrong thing. Advice is much...
  9. Texas Tillie

    Little bantam is straining; what's wrong?

    I don't know what's wrong with my girl. I wormed my three bantams on 5/26 and all seemed okay after that. But, I've noticed she seems "off" the last few days; saw her straining with some diarrhea in the nest box the last two evenings, but when I gave her an epsom salt bath today I saw that's she...
  10. hobbyhomesteader

    Dirty vents and deceased birds

    We've got (or had) 5 hens housed with 3 ducks. A couple of our hens have had chronic dirty vents and some diarrhea. They're housed in a huge outdoor pen (with coop inside) so it's not easy to tell who is laying or what poo looks like in great detail, but it's clear that 2 of them had diarrhea...
  11. W

    Sick chicken, help me help her!

    I have a golden comet hen. I do not know her age. I can tell she is sick but I have no idea where to start with healing her. Her symptoms started with a fallen comb. Then a "fairy egg" and diarrhea. Runny green and white droppings. Her vent is very gross, from the diarrhea. Its sticking to her...
  12. W

    Help Vent Warts/Growths in Sick Silkie Roo

    I need help figuring out what is wrong with my silkie roo. Here is what we have observed and done so far: - Roughly 3 weeks ago He stopped standing up was very weak in the legs and stopped eating. He came and spent a couple days with his “nana” and he got medicated water and quiet time without...
  13. MrsAuberry00

    2-year-old Hen Passing Milky Viscous Stools, Photos Attached

    The facts: I have a 2 yo Rhode Island Red hen which has had loose, watery stools for the past week to two weeks. About one out of, maybe, ten stools is milky/slimy. The others contain normal looking feces, just in a watery form. She is the same hen who gets loose stools after every round of...
  14. R

    Help! Silkie not walking and diarrhea.

    im new to this raising chicken thing and i have a silkie rooster who I noticed this morning is not walking. Brought him inside and noticed he has smelly diarrhea also. When I brought him in he was eating and drinking normal. I checked his feet and it looks like he has a bad case of scaly leg...
  15. malagabara

    HELP - 1 dead, 3 with pasty butts, 1with swollen vent WHAT'S WRONG

    One of my 4 two-year-old Barnevelders died suddenly yesterday. She had not exhibit any sign of sickness, her behavior and coat was fine. That prompr me to examine the rest of the flock today and even though they are all looking and acting normal they seem to all have some mild diarrhea or a sort...
  16. C

    Mucusy poo - looks like egg whites

    Hello, My husband and I got chickens two weeks ago for our backyard in the city. They have seemed very happy and love foraging around in our yard. We feed them laying feed mixed with peanuts and sunflower seeds. We’ve also given them dried lentils, cooked porridge, pieces of onions, kale and...
  17. DuckyShat

    I Think my Duck has WORMS

    My muscovy drake just stopped - all of a sudden eating yesterday. He drinks a lot of water, I mean (a lot), more than ever. Sometimes moves his head left and right like something bothers him. He seems depressed and don't want to be bother by anyone. He moves his mouth like if he's drinking water...
  18. J

    Worm help! In baby chick

    Help! New chicken mom and my 4 day old girl from tractor supply just diarrheaed this out. Is this a worm? How do I treat this? Do I treat the others?.... and my 2 year old has been handling them (but washing hands right after) do I need to worry?
  19. onesweetflock

    Hen with Soft-Shelled Egg then Constant Diarrhea + Lethargy, Please Help!

    Hi there chicken folk! I'm having a bit of a dilemma. I have a black australorp hen named Fanny who is five years old. Though she's about middle aged, she normally seems quite healthy and vibrant. Howeeeever, she has laid two soft shelled eggs recently, and she has also been seen having a bit of...
  20. JBirdy

    Molting Hen With Very Watery Poop - Not Worms

    Hello, I'm wondering if someone might be able to help me figure out why one of my chickens is under the weather. She's a bantam silkie who seems to be going through a pretty big molt - she is in the regrowth process now. About three weeks ago (around the time she began molting), she stopped...
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