1. M

    Injured and sick chick

    Hi, I have a chick approximately 8 weeks old. A little over a week ago, she escaped the coop and our dog tried to kill her. We got her away from the dog, but not without a significant injury under her wing, near where her leg meets her body. We have treated that wound, it is scabbed over now...
  2. S

    I can't figure out what's wrong!

    So for a couple of days my 16 week old sussex chicks have been acting strange and stressed. Symptoms include: >wheezing/sneezing(very wet) >shaking head >diarrhea (sometimes the food doesnt even look digested) >drooping wings >sleeping balled up together >at night they are very loud as if...
  3. craftymelissa

    depressed but still voracious forager

    I still can't figure out what's wrong with AdaIda our 4 year old red sex link. She was sick with anemia from mites about 3 weeks ago and seemed recovered from it, but for the last week and 1/2 hasn't been herself. We were treating her for crop issues, but now I am not sure. She goes...
  4. JPHens

    Listless on and off for a month

    My awesome, strong, top-of-the-flock Australorp, Matilda, has been listless on and off for a month and the last few days she seems worse. About a month ago she was not eating much and very sedate for two days. I vet I know came by and said she feels/looks ok. She took a poop sample (it looked ok...
  5. racingandsavingmama

    My Guinea's may have diarrhea

    Help! I just got these guys about 2 days ago and I noticed some of them have a hard poop cap over their butts. Is there something I can do to help them? I don't want to lose any. Thanks so much!
  6. S

    Hens Dying

    i have lost 3 chickens over the last 6 weeks. One every 2 weeks. Now I have another sick chicken. I did not observe any symptoms in the other 3. This one , a Delaware, has had diarrhea, is lethargic and has stiff legs - especially the left leg. As of this morning her poop is firm but has some...
  7. Kate D Mplwd

    5 day old chick swollen vent & diarrhea

    Hi hive mind! I have a 5 day old Australorp chick who at Day 2 had a little pastey butt situation. We were able to soak it and get it cleaned up in one gentle pass. Since then, her little vent has become very swollen/enlarged and seems to give her pain. She has been trying to poop a lot, and...
  8. Bird biz


    My chicken has green diarrhea, no smell. I don't think she has Merck's as there is no paralysis. The eats little but losing weight sand strength fast. I don't know if we have worms in Colorado that might affect the chickens. My other chickens are okay but I have separated the sick one. Any...
  9. Isamama

    Flystrike Solutions?

    I have a small flock of three ISA Browns. One of my hens, Gertie, hasn't laid since early March, and has been having light diarrhea for about a month now. I've been keeping an eye on her and have separated her from my other two girls a few times (they are fine health-wise). I lost two hens...
  10. quails3

    Runny poop?

    I have some chicks and they seem fine. They're super playful and up(ity), but the ones that are one month old have runny(diarrhea(e)) poop But my two month olds have normal poop. What could be the problem? I don't think all of the younger chicks have it , but maybe four do. Do chicks normally...
  11. Shannon93

    7 wo EE Diarrhea

    Hi all - Just purchased 2 7 week old EE pullets on Craigslist and have them quarantined from my flock. They seem like they are doing well, except that they both have loose poops- brownish, no blood. The woman I purchased them from seemed like she maintained her flock well. She was selling the...
  12. Matilda Poppyseed

    Deworming Best Practices

    I've had a small flock of 5 hens for just over a year now and have noticed they're laying fewer eggs now than this time last year (0-2 eggs most days vs 2-4 this time last year). Also, most of the girls have poopy bums unlike this time last year. I've never dewormed them. Wondering if I...
  13. FaerieChickens

    Penny has watery diarrhea & lethargy

    Our Gold-laced Wyandotte, Penny, seems to be declining. She is a little over 4 years old. She is one of 11 hens. We also have 1 Silkie rooster, and 3 chicks which 2 of our Silkies are raising off to the side from the main flock. It's been a few months since Penny has laid an egg. For a long...
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