1. Diveks

    Gender of a mixed bunch of chicks

    So i have two batches of chicks that i have together so the first 2 chicks won’t be so lonely as i had lost 2 of their siblings. The older ones are 6 weeks and the younger ones are a bit over 4 weeks old. The bully chick which i thought was a roo might actually be a hen. I also have an unknown...
  2. L

    What age? What sex? Help needed!!

    Hi everyone, I am brand new to backyard chickens and need help. the person I bought these off have said they are all hens and doesn’t know what age they are. Can you let me know if you think they are all hens and an approximate age if possible?
  3. K

    Lone Mallard Duck-

    Hello! I have been a frequent visitor of a local man made pond, and a few months ago there was a Mallard family with one duckling. Fast forward to today, I believe there is one juvenile female all alone. She is very friendly, and wanders up to anyone that will give her attention. She swims by...
  4. BlueHorse17

    Corturnix Quail Male x Female Ratio

    My males started crowing about a week ago. I’m wondering when my females might begin to lay? Also I took out some extra males because my male to female ratio was pretty bad. Wanted to nip it in the bud before my females got picked on. I left it with two males and seven females in a 3x6 foot pen...
  5. M

    Suddenly Vocal Female Duck

    Hello everyone! I’ve been raising my 3 Rouens for just over a year now and one of my 2 girls has been acting strange for the past week or so. She’s super aggressive and loud to anyone who goes in the garden and I’m not sure if it’s a seasonal thing or if she’s just being broody. We take out her...
  6. FathertoFeathers

    Any KO Shamo breakers near Memphis TN?

    I’m looking for a KO Shamo female for my cockerel. His mate recently passed and he’s heartbroken about it. I’ve been looking high and low for anyone who has a female but haven’t had much luck. If push comes to shove I am willing to ship
  7. DuckDuckJuice

    ISO- Silver Welsh Harlequin and Cayuga Females- SW Ohio

    Looking to add one of each to our flock, female only. We are willing to drive up to two hours or pay for safe shipping, as long as the price isn’t astronomical. Located in SW Ohio, near Dayton.
  8. NorthEastGameBirds

    Still very young but does anyone know the sex?

    Only around 3 weeks old. Does anyone know any tricks or tips to help me know the sex of these two chicks? The eggs were a mix of shamo and Asil so not quite sure what I have either!
  9. chickenchicklady

    Frizzle chick sex?

    Can anyone help me identify this frizzles sex? Or is it too early?
  10. PamNeggs

    Sebring Gold? Gender?

    I've raised bantams in the past. However these seemed like older chicks from TSC have had them as of yesterday this is the 3rd week. Bit confused on this one. Bantams can't be sexed by wings mostly comb and those darn under chin things can't think of the word. Anyway what do you think?
  11. L

    Female Mallard bill color change

    Hello. I know that mallard ducklings have a black bill that changes to orange w/ some black when they get their feathers in. I am wondering if the bill continues to change after adulthood. Does some of the black fill back in sometimes? I took a picture of a female mallard at 4 months old (left)...
  12. A

    Muscovy ducks, bald spot

    Hello ! Two of my female Muscovy 1yo ducks have bald spots. They have one under each wing, and smaller ones on the wings. Besides that, no behaviour change. Are they molting ? Thank you for your time, Anaïs
  13. BarelyBirding

    Crevecoeur Chickens, Male/female?

    Hi, these two are my roughly 16 week old Crevecoeur chickens, I think the one with the spikey hairdo Is a cockerel, but I’ve never heard it crow, or even attempt to crow. All my other chickens that are cockerels have crowed already. It’s got a tiny bit of red on it’s waddles, but no visible...
  14. S

    Male or Female Black Indian Runner (Posted to the Chicken section by accident!)

    (I'm dumb and posted this to the chicken sexing forum instead of the one for ducks, and I don't know how to delete my thread so I can move it; I'm sorry.) Is Twisty a boy or a girl? He is the one making the raspy whistle sound (sorry about all the conflicting duck sounds, this was their first...
  15. chickenchicklady

    Female or male

    Hello! How hard is it to tell female vs male in a silkie? I have two silkies, they hatched may 11. I am just wondering if they should be laying by now or not if they are female. I’ve included a picture of my Naked neck, Ms. Frizzle😍
  16. Quacking ducks

    Duck under weight

    Hi, my Rouen female is under weight and it’s getting closer to winter. I’m not sure how to get her to gain more weight. This morning I went out to feed them and she was shivering and it’s only about 38 degrees out. I’ve tryed everything I can think of. Any ideas? Thank you
  17. J

    Female age

    I have several red golden pheasants from this springs hatch. They knocked down the divider and got in with my older pheasants😒. Is there a way to tell the older females from this springs females? Pic for attention.😁 Thank you in advance for any help
  18. M

    ISO Female Duck

    We lost our female Rouen today :( and need a new companion for our male. I am looking for a mature sized female to get as soon as possible. She doesn't have to be a Rouen but preferably a duck of similar size. We are located in the greater Philadelphia area.
  19. Gerby26

    Clipping wings? Muscovy

    Hello I have a 11-12 week old female Muscovy who has started flying 5-10 ish feet at a time and 1-5 feet off the ground, I read you have to wait till ducks are 15 weeks to clip wings, but would I be able to clip hers now, she seems to be almost ready to fly! I don't want her to make it into my...
  20. SolarDuck

    Help sexing 1 muscovy duck

    hello, I have 1 muscovy duck that I have been spending all of my time with for the past 49 days, it is 49 days old. I'm thinking girl because she is feathering in very quickly and is still pretty small. I would love to get opinions as i want to get a friend soon for the little one but I don't...
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