1. J

    Female age

    I have several red golden pheasants from this springs hatch. They knocked down the divider and got in with my older pheasants😒. Is there a way to tell the older females from this springs females? Pic for attention.😁 Thank you in advance for any help
  2. M

    ISO Female Duck

    We lost our female Rouen today :( and need a new companion for our male. I am looking for a mature sized female to get as soon as possible. She doesn't have to be a Rouen but preferably a duck of similar size. We are located in the greater Philadelphia area.
  3. Gerby26

    Clipping wings? Muscovy

    Hello I have a 11-12 week old female Muscovy who has started flying 5-10 ish feet at a time and 1-5 feet off the ground, I read you have to wait till ducks are 15 weeks to clip wings, but would I be able to clip hers now, she seems to be almost ready to fly! I don't want her to make it into my...
  4. S

    Help sexing 1 muscovy duck

    hello, I have 1 muscovy duck that I have been spending all of my time with for the past 49 days, it is 49 days old. I'm thinking girl because she is feathering in very quickly and is still pretty small. I would love to get opinions as i want to get a friend soon for the little one but I don't...
  5. Quacking ducks

    Is something wrong with my duck?

    Hi, my duck Stormy is Picked on a lot by my drake ducks. The last couple days I have noticed when I pick her up, that she has a bump on her chest or on her spine. I’ve never noticed it there before. Is something wrong with her? is there something I need to do? the red on the second picture is...
  6. Quacking ducks

    Blue Swedish laying eggs

    Hi, My blue Swedish female duck has layed one egg everyday for the last 23 days. Is that normal? Are they just really good layers or is it just my duck? I read on line that blue Swedish lay between 100-180 eggs a year. I think she’s layed at least 75 eggs in the last 3 months. I was just...
  7. ChickChic00

    4 Month Old Female Ducks Mixed

    What would happen if you breed a 4 month old mixed female duck. The mix is Rouen/Cayuga if that helps. No eggs yet. I just wanted to know if it would harm the female. I am not just tossing them in a pen and breeding them or anything, I just wanted to know if it would seriously harm the females...
  8. Catbutts

    Sexing Brahma by tail??

    Lots of people said that we can tale brahma chicken gender by a tail. How can I do that and what is my brahma gender? Thank you🐔🐔 (Those two are around 4 months old)
  9. Quacking ducks

    Bumble foot.

    Hi my Rouen female has bumble foot. I worked on her foot last night, when I was done I put copaiba and coconut oil on the wound and wrapped it. This is what it looks like this morning. Does it look like I got all the infection? Do I need to work on her some more? Thank you
  10. ChickChic00


    Does anyone have any pictures of these crosses? Buckeye x Buff Orpington Buckeye x Rhode Island Red Buckeye x Delaware Buckeye x Barred Rock Buckeye x New Hampshire Buckeye x Jersey Giant White Buckeye x Jersey Giant Black Buckeye x White Leghorn Buckeye x Easter Egger Any pictures of these...
  11. M

    Sick Pekin Duck

    I have a female pekin for about two months. This morning she was not walking right so i began giving her niacin in food and water right away. she also had two broken blood feathers which i pulled out and cleaned up for her most likely from my male pekin trying to mate? i’m not sure. but she...
  12. Quacking ducks

    Hatching ducklings, help.

    Hi, I have a silver welsh harlequin duck nesting. She’s been sitting for 31 days now and no ducklings yet. Does anyone know what to do? Thank you! The breeds I have are... Pekin female Blue Swedish female Silver Swedish female Silver welsh harlequin female Golden welsh harlequin female...
  13. orloffer


  14. N

    What breed and gender?

    Hello I’m new to having chicks and I first started with 6 chicks but 3 ended up being pretty obvious roosters, anyway they got sent back. I am now down to 3 chicks. Chick #1 is 8 week old buff Orpington ( I have my doubts on the breed). Chick #2 is 7 weeks old light Brahma ( which is probably...
  15. K

    Salmon Faverolle roo or pullet?

    I got an ornamental assortment that should all be female, but being new at this I didn’t know selecting the free chick from the hatchery meant it’s most likely a rooster. I’m hoping our favorite chick is a hen because we can’t have a rooster here. After looking at the difference between them...
  16. baileeb

    looking for 6 week old pullets

    hello! Looking to purchase 6 week old pullets from a trustworthy place. My current flock has more roosters than expected, and we first purchased them for eggs!! I am located in Long Island New York. If you have any suggestions on where to purchase please let me know! Or if anyone is looking to...
  17. Missythechickenlady

    Help crested cream legbar autosexing??

    Hello, So I recieved my crested cream legbars and they are supposed to be female. Ive looked at pictures and forms and a ton of info on cream legbars and autosexing. For an auto sexed breed there sure are alot of confused people like myself. Males are supposed to have a spot on the head and...
  18. 53760CB1-2EB8-4386-90C3-B2AD32BC81BB.jpeg


    RINGNECK Pheasant
  19. Laura_tudor

    Male or female, 8 week old lavender pekin x

    I know what my gut is saying but anyone elses opinion would be greatly appreciated TIA x
  20. Quacking ducks

    How do I get my ducks to nest?

    Hi, I have several broody ducks, They will collect eggs in a nest but they won’t sit on the nest. Does anyone have any ideas on how to get them to nest? Thank you.
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