1. Dfarago

    Chick grit

    My native soil is on the sandy side ( I live in the desert). So do I really need the chick grit?
  2. SavvySilkieMom

    Chick Grit and treats. How soon is too soon?

    Hi I love this app and all the forums and just a thank you in advance for all the help. I have 2 silkie chicks in the brooder and I would love to start feeding them some treats once in a while and I know they need grit to grind down whatever is not starter feed. I purchased some chick grit and...
  3. T


    Hi! I am new to raising chickens and have 9 Rhode Island Reds. They are currently 8 weeks old and I have feeding questions. Are they old enough for the "adult" grit? Should I feed it separately or just sprinkle some on their feed? Thanks!
  4. DiYMama540

    Switching from crumble to pellets...and other questions...

    Hey all! First, a little about my flock- we have 4 Hens (2 California white and 2 golden comet I think....) 2 Ducks (1 khaki Campbell drake 1 fawn&white runner female) and last but certainly not least, a female grey pomeranian goose. All of which are free run from about 7am to 9pm. My last...
  5. DMJ1123

    Is it possible to give too much poultry grit?

    My flock of six is 8 weeks old. I just started letting them roam supervised outside of the run for some extra foraging. I started them on insoluble poultry grit two days ago. I put out a small bowl with about a cup and a half yesterday and today and they ate it all within an hour both days. I've...
  6. BigBlueHen53

    What age regular grit?

    Hi guys! I'm so glad I can come pick y'all's brains whenever I have a question or problem, you are all so helpful! So what I am wondering today is, can I give my 9-week old chicklets the same grit I give my adult hens? I am out of the baby grit and can't get any for a couple of days. They do...
  7. Saaniya

    Grit & Seeds In Poop

    Hello It's been like the 4th week I'm.noticing this i notice this earlier but not this often My rooster poop grit and with grit some grains passed in poop there are small tiny granite/Flint in poop.and some grains in it only in the morning time puddle of poop grit and grains (millet) in poop...
  8. michaelbell317

    Grit + feed questions

    Today is the day we move the chicks outside to their coop. They're about 5-8 weeks old now. Some were older than others when we bought them. My question, though, deals with grit and their chick feed. Do I mix the grit in with the food and if so, what's a good ratio? Is it better to just...
  9. flygirl1973

    When to quit Apple Cider Vinegar

    Hello everyone, I can’t seem to find when to quit giving this for my new flock? Tonight is the second night of no pasty butt and they are 8 days old. :celebrateI’m wondering if I can quit giving it now? Lady at the TSC also told me to supplement with grit after transport just to help. So if...
  10. The Farmers' Daughter

    Grit & gender

    When putting out fresh grit my girls all flock over to it and act like it's the best food they've ever had. The boys just ignore it. I have a separate rooster flock. They rarely touch it. Has anyone else experienced this? Is there a reasoning as to why? Physiological make up?
  11. MarioBranwell

    Worried about the feed I give to my chicks :(

    I am kind of a new breeder and have almost 3 week old chicks and I started feeding grains from 3 days ago but I was feeding chick starter feed before that. I never had any problems so far so good. Today when I read a post from a forum they said not to feed chickens raw beans/ grains. Im bit...
  12. T

    Will this need grit?

    I have a bag full of grounded grains, they seem pretty fine to me. Just wanted to know whether this will need grit for baby chicks and grown chickens.
  13. IamRainey

    What's the difference between grit and oyster shell?

    I give my chickens both. Plus crushed eggshells. But the grit and the oyster shell particles are about the same size. They appear to have the same density. I know the grit is essential to grind down the other food they eat but wouldn't the oyster shells do the same thing? Certainly the shell...
  14. Brooding Chicks: The First 6 Weeks

    Brooding Chicks: The First 6 Weeks

    Whether you've just hatched your own chicks in your incubator, an ordered batch of chicks from the hatchery has just arrived or you brought home a box of fuzzy butts of joy from the feed store, if you don't have a broody in your coop to raise them you will need to brood and raise them yourself...
  15. C

    New member, new chicken owner :)

    Hi, we are new to raising chickens! Just got our flock this week - 4 Rhode Island Reds, 2 Plymouth Rock (all 3 weeks old). My husband and I started building the coop this fall and just finished last weekend, but these girls aren't ready for it yet. I thought we were getting older hens from a...
  16. LizzzyJo

    To Grit or not to Grit

    I have 10 month old orpingtons. They have a big run and free range about 2 hours every other day on my 3 acres. More on the weekends. I have tried buying them actual chicken grit before, but they never eat it. They eat kitchen scraps and whatever they find foraging besides their normal food. I...
  17. heidi586

    Quartz grit-OK for ducks?

    I have a variety of med. to large full grown ducks and chickens. We're live in the northwoods of WI. so the ground is froze and snow covered. And, they are penned (at this time) due to a fox that came in and killed several of my flock, so free ranging is not an option. My question.... Can Cherry...
  18. heidi586

    Quartz Grit - OK for Ducks?

    I have a variety of med. to large full grown ducks and chickens. We're live in the northwoods of WI. so the ground is froze and snow covered. And, they are penned (at this time) due to a fox that came in and killed several of my flock, so free ranging is not an option. My question.... Can...
  19. T

    Marble Powder

    Is marble powder a good source of calcium?
  20. ReseisCL16


    So I am on the cusp of getting two pairs of Portuguese Tumbler pigeons in the next few days and I have been spending a whole lot of time pulling together a loft and covering all my bases. I've done chickens for close to 9 years now, and I'm very familiar with them, so pigeons are definitely...
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