1. N

    1. Do I need to give 1.5 week old chicks grit? 2. What can I do to make my chicks less bored.

    1. they are pushing two weeks old at this point. (rhode island reds) I haven't given them any grit and they seem fine. Can I make my own grit/can they find it themselves? 2. They seem bored in the brooder. I want to give them something to do. (I'd be bored out of my mind if I were in there so...
  2. SueT

    How long does grit stay in the chicken?

    Is grit constantly being worn out and passed thru? And thus need constant replenishing?
  3. H

    Babies are eating shavings intentionally!!!

    Hey y’all. I’m a first time chicken owner. I’ve got 9 beautiful birds, 2 buff Orpingtons, 2 dark Brahmas, 2 ameracunas, 2 blue laced Wyandottes, and one white silkie. They are 3 weeks old and are INTENTIONALLY EATTING SHAVINGS (face palm) I haven’t noticed this behavior up until now. They have...
  4. Saaniya

    my roosters eating sea shell grit

    One of my friend gifted me her extra bag of sea shell grit . I wash that grit just to drain that sea salt and sand ..I leave to dry in sun in my terrace caught both of my rooster eating that sea shell grit insanely is it okay? Will sea shell beneficial for moderation ? I got that sea...
  5. M

    Organic and non-GMO SUPPLIERS

    I am five weeks into my first twelve bird flock of barred rock. It has been a blast watching them grow and seeing how much fun my kids are having feeding and watering them. They are all getting huge now and we are very excited about moving them out to their coop soon and in anticipation to that...
  6. Belbris

    Do they need grit?

    hi, We have 3.5 week old Australorp chicks. I’d read in some books that you should start them in grit so went to buy some but the guy in the pet shop said they don’t need it until they are closer to egg laying age?? What are the thoughts here? Needed or not? Our chicks are indoors most of...
  7. D

    Calcium Carbonate grit vs granite grit

    I have 5 month old chickens that I assume are close to laying. So I bought them layer pellets (never used pellets until now.) chickens not too enthused. Since I traveled to the feed store that is a distance away I decided to buy a large bag grit since it is abiut 60% cheaper than the small bags...
  8. Saaniya

    Finally Grit Question Solved

    Hey everyone I'm so happy ..finally I found grit and u orders I'm attaching pic ..I hope that everyone will send advice's hopefully after lot of search I got grit can't wait to have it in my boys feeder as far my boys are live in my home they don't find grit so I order this they also don't eat...
  9. Saaniya

    Natural Grit?

    Hey guys good morning Yesterday visited friends backyard and see that she having some natural sand grit available there are some chalk n dry wall particles, her chickens love to pick this grit and i think they are crazy babies for this grit she told me her flock of 6 chickens love to enjoy...
  10. steffenbsd

    Poop question - undigested grass

    Hi there, This is probably a little silly, but I am on my first flock and still figuring out what is normal. I noticed that after my pullets range sometimes there are visible blades of grass in their droppings, like a fair amount of recognizable grass. Is this common, or does it suggest...
  11. P

    Poult Grit Help

    Hi all, I'm new to the turkey/chicken raising world. I have an Eastern Wild Turkey poult. He's just under a week old. I have him in a brooder with 24% chick starter by DuMor, water, heat lamp, and a box that he loves to play in and on. I occasionally let him out on supervised romps around my...
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